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  1. Redstang4

    Byebye FZ07?

    Canceled the test ride. It is a want and not a need. I am not sad with the fz, as said I could do worse. I will keep the peace and happines my fz does give me for she is capible and reliable. I will hold my wanting to a later date.. say when the 790 Duke is released here in the states and been out awhile. Then I will give a proper test ride with the Striple and 790 back to back. Thank you all. Especially @Beemer for keeping life's realities in mind, wise man indeed.
  2. Redstang4

    Byebye FZ07?

    I used the search bar, read through any and all of the threads mentioning the triple. Yep, sounds like me minus the dirt bikes, unfortunatly. As for the 790 Duke, I think it would be the perfect answer to my dilemma. Its the like FZ only better in every single way. But it is not out yet, and when it is here in a few months it will not be in my price range like the FZ/a used triple are. I'll have to wait for a used 790, given what I've read bout it that will be a while. Maybe I should hold onto the FZ until I can get onto the KTM...
  3. Currently at 31,000 miles, all of them put on by me in the last 2 years and 2 months. I am not head over heels in love with my fz anymore. She does everything I need and want, and does it well. Though I no longer feel like she has the gusto, the punch that was so addictive. I took a month break from her thinking I was just too accustomed, drove my truck which is big and slow. Now back on the FZ, it just doesnt make me grin like it used to. Still a great bike, I love how light and flickable she is, how in any gear any rpm you can twist the throttle and she goes. Just wondering.. Looking at a '14 striple. I have a tenative test drive, trade in, sign papers date set, just waiting to hear back today for hard numbers. Done lots of research and have a pretty good idea of what to expect out of the Triumph. As the FZ and Stripple are really only in the same catagory for displacement and being nakeds, Im not sure if the Triumph will do everything and do it as well as the FZ while giving me that grin back. I enjoy being able to ride the FZ hard and how well it allows you to be able to, but that it is also very good at taking it easy. Im a decent rider, I wont claim to be great though I am quite confident in my experience and ability. I know my limits and the bikes, as well as the fact that the roads are not a track, though I'm not as good as quite a few of you judging by y'alls posts and how technical many of you are. With that being said the old addage about riding a slow bike fast has me, is the street tripple too much to be able to ride and enjoy like you can the FZ? I do not consider the FZ fast, it is quick- not fast. 0-80 near almost anything you will realistically see on a daily basis the FZ can keep with or beat. Im not particually looking for fast, I dont need the 150+ mph while doing a wheelie ability. What and how do you think the FZ07 and Triumph Street Triple 675 compare? EDIT: Also I WILL NOT be leaving this forum, this is the best forum I have ever seen and been a part of!
  4. Redstang4

    Riding jeans tested and reviewed

    My Google isnt playing nice and wont translate at the moment. But did find what seems to be the same test over at Adventure Rider.
  5. Redstang4

    Purely looks

    Never really cared for the Raider. But that is Beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous. Its amazing what the right mods and a good paint job can do.
  6. Nice! How are you liking the Shinko 705's?
  7. Redstang4

    Bohn Armor

    Sure you didnt buy it back in 2015?? Lol
  8. Redstang4

    Flippin a coin HJC RPHA 11, AGV K3

    @r1limitedArai half off at Revzilla
  9. Redstang4

    The Return of Erik eBuell

  10. What rear seat cowl is this? Pic nabbed from an old thread.
  11. Do I remember correctly that you are in NoVa? Who is your local tire guy??
  12. ICON is my favorite brand for MC goodies. I feel they offer top quality gear at middle of the road prices. The most important factor in your gear is that it fits properly and is comfortable, otherwise you will not wear it.
  13. Redstang4

    Finally joined the club! :D

    R6 throttle tube thread Site mentioned in thread Enter 2C0-26240-00-00 in the search for part number. This is the one I have Yamahaparthouse it is part 15, I cannot verify it will come with the grip though I would think it would.
  14. Redstang4

    Finally joined the club! :D

    Welcome @z_space and Stormy! Great place to find anything and everything fz/mt07. I'd also suggest a R6 throttle tube swap. I'd argue its the biggest difference you could make value wise. I cant remember where I got mine but it came with matching grip, I'll check old emails. For now here's an example.

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