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  1. Interested to hear what you think of the counter balance beads. Dan
  2. danfz07

    Got Hit

    Thats sound advice Cruizin!
  3. danfz07

    Too soon to install?

    Wait cause there is no way in hell you will not be able to rev the hell out of it with that marvelous sound. LOL
  4. danfz07

    Got Hit

    Ouch! Happy it isn't worse! I swear I think road rash is worse than a broken bone. Thank goodness for good gear. Good luck with the healing and getting the bike back. Dan
  5. Morning all, Looking at some new rearsets and kind of leaning toward the woodcrafts. After navigating 20 pages or so from the search engine I was wondering if anyone with first hand experience could chime in. I already have woodcraft clip on bars. How much further back do the rearsets go? Whats your general opinion of them? Thanks in advance for any help. Dan
  6. I just recently put the Shinko Verge on my bike and I can say I am quite impressed thus far. Turn in is very predictable and it holds a line very well. Grip seems great even before they really get warmed up. I cant speak to the longevity yet as I have only put a couple hundred miles on them. They guy that recommended them to had the ravens once and he didn't like them as much as the verge. He claimed they wore much to fast (less than 2k miles) and he didn't like how the bike felt when using them. I know thats subjective but just passing on what one guy told me. I will give my thumbs up on the verge so far. Dan Also this is were I got mine and they are a smoking deal right now. https://www.jakewilson.com/p/3773/29330/Shinko-011-Verge-Rear-Motorcycle-Tire
  7. Took a little ride through the mountains, bout 90 miles round trip. Had to test out the new tires (Shinko Verge) and I am quite impressed. Especially for the price, they get my recommendation. https://www.jakewilson.com/p/1742/29330/Shinko-011-Verge-Rear-Motorcycle-Tire?v=14975 https://www.jakewilson.com/p/1165/-/726072/120-70ZR-17-(58W)-Shinko-011-Verge-Front-Motorcycle-Tire?v=14975&gclid=CLP2w8zbldQCFZBefgodiloLpA
  8. Thanks for the advice and for the compassion. It has been a rough road so far but I have accepted that I am way too tough to let this get me down. I have taken this as a challenge in life. I am almost an anomaly to be diagnosed with this and it just shows you that it can happen to anyone. I'm 43 and a retired 23yr vet. I always took care of myself and am very physically fit. I can still whip the pants off 20 year olds in a 3 mile run. This is just another thing that I have to do in life and I don't plan on letting it slow me down. Dan
  9. Hello All, Just wondering how many of you ride that have been diagnosed with diabetes? Little less than a year ago I was diagnosed with adult onset type 1 diabetes. Actually now they call it type 1.5 as I have symptoms of both type 1 and type 2, which means that not only can I not produce insulin, my body has built a resistance to it also. What all this means for me is that I now have to monitor my blood sugar with pin pricks in the fingers 4 to 8 times a day, always have my rapid acting insulting pen with me while also carrying some form of glucose gel or sugar if my blood sugar dips too low. It is quite the lifestyle change for me as my blood sugar has seen some serious swings while I try and get a handle on this disease. Due to all of this, I have been quite hesitant to take those long rides up in the mountains. Last thing I would want to do is be on the side of the road injecting insulin in my belly. When your sugar spikes, its really hard to explain just how it feels but I really don't want to be on a bike when it happens. Just wondering if there are any other riders out there that share this challenge and what you do on long rides? Thanks Dan
  10. I drilled out the stock bars so they would fit. Really wasn't that difficult. Just slowly went up in drill bit size til they fit. I knew it was temporary anyway cause I had drag bars on order. Didn't like the drag bars so I wound up running woodcraft clip on bars in the long run. I still have the drag bars if you are interested? Dan
  11. Just a question for those with this bag, I have the nelson Ring tail bag https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/nelson-rigg-cl-1060-s-sport-tail-bag and i do really like it but I have found that in my 7000ft elevation New Mexico sunshine it will sun fade in a hurry. Have any of you with the ogio bag noticed that being an issue? I like how Dan@dewman has his mounted and I may go to something like this if it will stand up to the sun more. My bike is only out when its in the parking lot of my work and it shows the effects of the sun pretty bad.
  12. danfz07


    I have had many different lids and the rf-1200 is the best one I have had to date. Cant really comment on the icon, but I used to be an Arai guy til I put the Shoei on my head. It is extremely quiet in my riding position, the graphics are the best I have seen on a lid, the visor is simple to remove and fog free with the pin lock, it fits my head better than any other I have put on, I like the SNELL rating, and it vents air very well. It may be the only lid I have had that I cannot really find anything that I would change. With all that said, find the lid that fits your head the best and and you will be happy. Dan
  13. Yea Shinko's are no joke. I rate them better than a bunch of the so called premium tires. The only tires I have used that are handle better are so sticky that tread life seems to suck. The verge seem to be a great compromise of tread life and handling.
  14. That looks great, and kind of what I have been looking to do. Where exactly did you cut the screen. Did you just trim down the top? Dan

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