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  1. topazsparrow

    Fender Eliminators

    That exhaust looks sick!
  2. My buddy and I just took for the forks out this weekend, we just hung it off the ceiling with some tie down straps. Works good.
  3. on the off chance this post isn't a troll.. Welcome to the forums. Also, there's nothing that would cause the brakes to apply pressure to themselves such that the wheels would lock up. Also if your front wheel locked up at 80, you're probably in the hospital, so maybe you could describe that in a little more detail for us. It's possible you bent a rotor on a rock or it's come loose or something? The brake system can't tighten itself without actuating the brake lever/master cylinder.
  4. I'm fairly certain that helmet didn't really do much. He's very likely dead from that level of trauma. The tire barely moved, buddies head got squashed bad.
  5. topazsparrow

    Is it worth it to do an ECU flash from home?

    It didn't make sense financially for me to send my ECU to 2WDW from where I live in Canada and then have to wait to get it back - all while hoping I don't get slammed on customs fees and inspection delays there and back. I just bought FTECU with active tune and said "be done with it". Working well so far. I can always take it to a local dyno tuner now if I want as well.
  6. I've heard of this problem actually guys. He's not lying and it's a serious problem on many motorcycles and even bicycles. It's not actually the brakes failing here though. Predominantly the main cause is as illustrated:
  7. 50 lbs up from the LAMS version. Regardless.. it wouldn't matter if it was 50 or 5, the engine is only going to take what it can take. It'll be interesting to see if they can prove the longevity. I'm on the fence about it right now due to the other reasons listed, but prove it's long-term viable and I'm 100% sure where I'm putting my next bonus check. Nitrous might be a decent alternative since you don't always need all that power anyway.
  8. You're certainly not wrong.. but harking back to your mustang example.... The Toyota FT86 was only built for 200 crank hp. Many people are boosting those stock engines up to 250 WHEEL hp without any issue at all. There are many examples of car engines like this as well - mostly non domestic, but even the old ford cars (Tempo, escort, etc) that were economy cars were eating up 50 - 90 shots of Nitrous like it was no big deal. Turbo's on those cars as well for the more adventurous back yard mechanics. Lots of companies overbuild their engines and drive trains for a variety of reasons. Just look at the chain pitch and rear tire on our bikes... it's way overkill. Who's to say the engine isn't also a little bit stronger than need be? I'm excited to find out, one way or another. Surely some of the race enthusiasts here have had their engines torn down for a reubilt / upgrade? Where's our engine builders at?
  9. In the same boat thoughts wise. I've already dumped enough money into my bike that I'll never get back (tune, ex, suspension, brakes, etc) that another 3500 bucks is less than I'll lose on depreciation and the increased cost of a comparable new bike (excluding the option of used bikes). The FZ-09 is only 1000 bucks more or so, but it also needs all the same stuff I've already done to my 07. Suspension and tune mostly. The electronic throttle on the 09 and the 10 is mega bad compared to the cable throttle on the 07, it basically necessitates a 500+ dollar tuning option like FTecu to resolve. Then you factor in the year-over-year insurance cost increase (a big deal where i live as going from a 700 to a 900 or 1000 dictates a nearly 50% jump in insurance). Economically it's not that bad of an idea when you factor everything in. And even if it wasn't great economically... we're not wallstreet businessmen trading motorcycles as a business here, lots of us are in it for the FUN. Engine longevity is the big question for sure. Given how well this engine holds up to abuse from racers and whatnot, I think it should be pretty good. It already runs much cooler than the FZ-09 so that bodes well. The FZ-09 has been turbo'd for a while and seems to be holding up okay I think - though the sample size there is small so who knows what kind of long term mileage they're getting.
  10. I can't see that being more economically feasible.. though it would be more "proper" and look better.
  11. topazsparrow

    Brake Lines

    ID play is okay. The mating surfaces are the broad sides... 1/4" seems like a lot though.
  12. Side exit all the way. Yamaha made a beautiful swing-arm on this bike... no sense in covering it up with a cheap can.
  13. topazsparrow

    Cant decide on a tail light.

    I also found the same thing. I'd never go back to a non strobing light. It's just such a great safety feature. When I ride in groups I get comments all the time asking why I'm flashing my light like that. That means people notice it, it's working and grabbing the attention of other riders and drivers just like a brake light should!

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