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  1. Ok so got a question for the suspension gurus. I installed a nitron r3 this spring to finish up the suspension on the bike and after a few days of spirited riding trying to read my tires to see what’s going on. Looks like the trailing edge of the tread is jagged and chunking out, Ignore the outer edges of the tire that was from a track day on the stock shock. Stock pilot road 3’s 34psi cold front and back. Did my best to balance the rebound between the front/rear. Rear Sag is 10-15mm free, 35ish rider think one step heaver spring would be ideal but close enough. This a normal for these tires or am I missing something.
  2. atwater

    O2 sensor location

    Found a local aerospace welding company to help out, cost me lunch. Keeping that number for next time. so got a a hundred miles or so on it. I’ve kept the target AFR at zero like you’ve said for the eco mode and left the factory sensor in for now. Not touching the ignition map not equipped to mess with that on the old butt dyno. Done several runs at different throttle postions to redline up and down letting it do it’s magic. It learned quickly it seems, bike pulls smooth and strong, off idle is still a bit sluggish but it always has been even when stock. Only major trim changes I’ve seen are in the 20-40% around 4000-5000rpm. Really richened the map up in there but bike is showing much higher mpg so it passes the dummy check for the unit. It was a cooler week mostly around 60. Need to get out of the city to really do some butt dyno tuning and see what it logs for a trim change. Great info guys, maybe I’ll talk my self into that pod300, would be great to tune the carbs on the other bike with out reading just plugs!
  3. atwater

    O2 sensor location

    Great guys thanks for the help got it welded up. We got buried in snow last week so I just got a chance to get it all put together. With it plugged into the laptop the AFR readings were consitant at idle not to many fluctuations. Up at rpm might be another story. I’m running a map from a forum member that’s for a different exhaust system so hoping this auto tune is as good as they claim and can adjust the fuel trim enough to fit this exhaust. It’s set up to try and avoid tuning in the eco mode and let the pcv o2 optimizer thing richen it up. You think it’s worth removing the factory O2 and putting some afr inputs say 13.8ish into the table under 10% throttle for the closed loop section?
  4. atwater

    O2 sensor location

    Anybody have any insight with location for a wide band o2 sensor? Getting a bung welded into my Leo Vince exhaust to start playing with the pcv auto tune a little bit. This system has a very short distance between the collector and the muffler, this is about as far upstream as I can get without going into an individual header. With it being so close the the other O2 sensor would this cause poor readings from the downstream one? Stupid question maybe but checking before it’s to late.
  5. atwater

    Nitron parts

    Thanks but that's the phone number I've been trying, and leaving voicemails. I must have bad timing or they are out of the office a lot! I'll keep on it I suppose. Pattonme- shoot me a pm if your up for the task, I can send you the dimensions. Would be convenient if the fz09 stuff was the same.
  6. Anybody know where to find parts for a nitron shock? I picked a used r3 shock off the forum here but it came missing one of the spacers for the eyelet. Nitron customer service has been a joke, almost a month of emails and phone calls with no reply. Honestly I don't think I would purchase a nitron product again because of this but that's another thing all together. Anybody know a way to purchase one or if you have a lathe willing to make me one? Poor shock is paper weight as it sits now. u
  7. EBC HH brakes. Now to get some tires figured out. Anyone try out the michelin pilot powers?
  8. +1 on OES. I went with them and the quality is great and very simple to install. Put them on before my track day last summer, Thankfully it went well so I can't tell you how well they hold up in a crash.
  9. Thanks I've only got 6000 on the bike. Lots of life left.
  10. atwater

    EJK Settings from Forum Members

    Anyone else running the ejk with a leo vince system? Currently using the number from the Ixil SX1. Seems to run ok, no hesitations but gas milage has taken a big hit. Was going to try and use it as a starting point but never had the time last summer to put it on the bars and tune it on the fly.
  11. On average about how many miles are people getting out of the stock chain before switching it out? Cant wait to get rid of it just hate throwing away a "good" chain. This bike has the loudest chain compared to every bike I've owned in the past including a 60's triumph!
  12. I would have to agree. I went with a full system over a slip on/modded stock so that the bike can always be returned to stock incase one day I decide to sell it. I picked up a full Leo Vince for <600$ from https://www.omniaracing.net/ and I've been pleased with it so far. I've drilled stock pipes before but they never turn out sounding much better than stock.

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