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  1. the reason why id want a full tank of gas is so that the inside of the tank wont rust over time. i'd have to toss the year-old gas afterwards, but as far as i know its the best way to prevent rust... i think;;
  2. Dang. You guys are the best. This forum is the best lol. Thanks for the advices!!
  3. hey guys, so im moving away for a year, which means i wont be able to ride my beloved fz for a year :'( so far what im doing is: 1. change oil+filter (reaching 8000miles) 2. wash bike 3. top off gas 4. disconnect positive lead on battery 5. buy cover (i have to store it outside -.-) am i missing anything? should i wait on the oil change until after i come back? would i have to flush the gas out afterwards? any advice will be appreciated ^^
  4. x3rolink

    Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

    this looks sick bro
  5. dang, i really want to meet up with yall but im working -.-
  6. x3rolink

    Throttle Lock

    anyone installed one of these? http://www.brakeawayproducts.com/appguide-7CP05.php?product_id=75 i think its possible to install one of these on our bikes, but you may have to reposition the starter switch.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Motopower-0609A-Waterproof-Motorcycle-Charger/dp/B01DYE54LI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489635603&sr=8-1&keywords=motorcycle+usb ive installed this one to my bike. i liked the idea of being able to unplug the usb section of the charger when not in use (and also for battery charge if needed)
  8. x3rolink

    Wrist Pain in Clutch Hand

    That's great! I wasn't thinking about lane splitting at stops to keep you safe since I don't live there and it's not legal here. It just didn't come to mind but you're right. Since I don't practice lane splitting or see it other than in video's occasionally do people always do it, even if there's just one or two cars in front of them at a stop do people always just go between cars and cut in front of people when those people are sitting right on the line for the stop? Do people really do that? It seems rude and unlawful if they do. i would split lane even if its just 1-2 cars... im not sure about how the drivers feel but at the red light but i usually take off pretty fast at green. im not saying that im speeding (nor am i saying im not) but i definitely accelerate to speed much quicker than cars do (on occasion... i have a video of a dude in a car "trying to race me" at the light... it got dangerous pretty quick) so i usually get out of the way of those 1-2 cars. its like as if i was never there. in terms of the law, you can still share lanes in any situation. but im now a lawyer, so dont quote me lol i should say though, when i first rode (i believe it was my third time on my first bike, 1985 honda shadow vt700) i was turning left at an intersection and as i was waiting i heard the tire screech behind me. all my hairs stood up and feared the worst. i check my mirror to find the car stopping at the nick of time. i was very lucky. in that situation, i was in gear and clutch in. but usually im always in gear and clutch in when turning left or right. i guess the only time im not is when i know im not going with 15 seconds at the light? and i know better now. since i know where im going to turn, i make sure there are plenty of room behind me (having the fz07 helps alot with that... compared to the old honda lol), give a long hand signal with turn signal, and constantly check my mirror at the stop just in case.
  9. x3rolink

    Wrist Pain in Clutch Hand

    Yeah, that does suck :/ but i think for me, in california, i wouldve split lanes and not stop behind a car in the first place, so i wouldnt be in this specific situation myself. I do believe it's better to stay in gear/clutch pulled in when at a stop, but honestly the only time im at a stop is at the light. and the only time i could be rear ended at a light is when there are no cars at the intersection to begin with. if not, then there are already cars there, so when i split towards the interection, then there are close to no way i'd get rear ended by a car (unless there are freak accidents i.e. someone crashes through multiple cars and end up smashing me, God forbid) dont get me wrong; i am mostly aware of my surroundings. but as i said before, i still cannot fathom a situation where i'd wish i was in gear/clutch in. because if its going to be a freak accident, then i'm screwed either way. aside from anything out of the norm, it just doesnt seem that necessary in the state of cali, or any country where lane splitting is legal.
  10. its always little dogs... gg little dog. gg.
  11. x3rolink

    87 Octane w/ Flashed ECU

    from my understanding, the whole octane rating is mostly about how much heat the gas can take before combustion. when the piston compresses the air/fuel the tempterture goes up (compressed gas=increase temp. inverse square law or whatever) i believe in sport cars and other high performance engine has a higher compression ratio and whatnot so it needs the higher octane, or else the air/fuel will combust during the compression stage or before the spark plug goes off, and that'll be bad news bear. so if the rating for your car/bike is for 91 octane rating, then you must not go lower than the rating. but if its rated for 87 and you use 91 then you're just wasting money. now, for a tuned fz07 with aka exhaust, im not to sure. lol. i suppose you can play it safe and run 91 like 2wdw recommends. i think you could get away with using lower rating and not pushing the bike but, i mean, come on. we ride hard dont we? btw im not a mechanic or anything. dont take my word for anything.
  12. x3rolink

    Too soon? Too much?

    they see me rollin' they hatin'
  13. x3rolink

    Wrist Pain in Clutch Hand

    i did have issues with my wrist with the stock bars (but not to the extent that you have with your wrist), so i switched them out with clubman bars and it fitted me much better than stock. i also do clutchless up and downshifts and split lanes here in california, so i barely use the clutch; i only use it for takeoff. even when i come to a stop i kick it to neutral while using rear brake at stop so that i can take hands of my bars (i know you shouldnt be doing that, but i cant fathom a situation where i'd wish i was in gear ready to go... imho)
  14. i find that offensive. lol
  15. x3rolink

    Oil Overfilled?

    i think you're fine. id say thats like 1/4 cup more oil more than usual. i guess you could crack open the oil drain plug and drain a little bit? lol

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