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  1. No break-in needed. Some roads just plain suck and you have to lift your butt off the seat a little. With cars, bad suspension is masked by comfy seats that support our bodies much better than a motobike seat.
  2. blackout

    Ohlins 80 N/mm spring

    Yes, seems quite soft at 457 lbs per inch. Wonder how much he had to preload the spring to get the sag correct? Also wonder if he has hit any large bumps yet. The ride might feel good until that happens.
  3. On a side note, I think an awesome street setup might be a shorter suspension link from AP Motoarts and 1.75" of sag. You get the added droop travel with the higher sag number so your tire can follow the large bumps, but your swingarm angle remains high so not to lose rear anti-squat. Shallow swingarm angles cause the front to lose weight in corner exit under acceleration, front grip is lost, and the bike wants to go wide.
  4. 1.75" is fine for comfy street riding. That's what my buddy runs on his fz07. I would run 1.5" to 1.75" for comfy street riding, 1.25" to 1.5" for spirited street riding, or 1" to 1.25" for track. Your results may vary, but I have tried different numbers and these make sense to me.
  5. At NYST, tracking in the rain, again. Lol. Under awning, waiting for the third session.
  6. Feeding a boosted engine enough fuel is the key to a happy force-inducted engine. I had a 5.0 Mustang running 10 psi using a Kenne Bell Whipple charger with stock internals and no problems. With that being said, I agree, don't go over 7 psi without intercooling.
  7. Well said. Pretty sure the fz07 has lower compression than the bigger bikes, but I would have to check. The little motor could be a perfect turboed motor.
  8. Engines run the best right before they blow up.
  9. Not sure 4-6 inches is needed. Someone needs to sort the 2 inch longer Tracer 700 swingarms. These "should" fit relatively easy.
  10. blackout

    Body Position/Bike Setup

    It's hard for me to contribute as I'm a noob, but looks good. Track riding is so much fun. I tend to ride too carefully on the street. I needed to go to the track to test the limits of me and the bike. So much fun! Going back to NYST this Saturday and maybe Sunday.
  11. This turbo kit looks awesome. I'd also like to see some installation reviews. I'm quite amazed the fuel injectors can handle 112 boosted hp, but it seems they can. My guess is that they are increasing fuel pressure under boost, but not sure.
  12. blackout

    Cant decide on a tail light.

    I have no video or photos but love my TST clear integrated tail light.
  13. I called Trump and he said pull the canister off.....
  14. I think the top level is the inner plate with the fill nozzle hole in it.

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