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  1. crsnhppr

    Yoshimura carb/50 state exhaust

    I like it
  2. crsnhppr

    Yoshimura carb/50 state exhaust

    The Y series looks great IMO. You won’t need a tune with it, the bike will performs better with a PCV or tuning solution but any bike does when they add exhaust. Post videos, do a full write up and let us know what you think because I know it’s definitly on my maybe list as well! You can always tune it later if you wanna do that.
  3. crsnhppr

    Standing over obstacles

    Ride the bike like a horse and get loose and let the bike work. It wants to be stable and straight up. Sometimes the less you do the better.
  4. crsnhppr

    Yoshimura carb/50 state exhaust

    Not that I can find video or documented proof off... and I hound the internet for new exhaust videos. Buy it, and do some dyno runs or at least get video of the sound!
  5. crsnhppr

    How long before all electric?

    Soon I hope. The power delivery of electric powered Is massive compared to a combustion engine of the same size. When electric RC helicopters came into being soon after nitro heli’s have become almost obsolete because the power output and efficiency were idk 2 to 4 times what the normal nitro engines were doing. If they they can figure out longer lasting, lighter batteries with more recharge cycles it’ll be tits. Maybe 10 years? The tech is still waiting on next gen batteries which is the hold up currently.
  6. Write a review after you get it all on and done!
  7. Slightly different power gains speed edge according to MIVV website makes a little more torque and hp
  8. crsnhppr

    Motorcycle Violence and Abuse

    I named my bike “the filthy whore” and treat it like one .
  9. Well I removed the filter lid and snorkel on my Fz airbox and have the ejk on for fueling at it did make a noticeable difference in power. What makes the biggest performance difference for small type mods is having my chain super clean and lubed. Like , snappy n good feeling it’s good.
  10. http://www.motocd.com/product/ddc-drop-in-damper-cartridge/. There ya go . And for a bit extra you can get springs for your weight which would compound the effect of driveability quite drastically. I think that website can sell the whole kit. Then eventually if you wanna do your rear shock send it in to Racetech and they can revalve it to match the front for around 250-300 dollars or something
  11. crsnhppr

    Exhaust options

    Yeah baffle in requires no fuel controller. It is much louder than stock because the stock is dead quiet and this you can hear it but it’s definitly not obnoxiously loud or droning or harsh at all. Very tame sounding and provides gains even on stock fueling. Baffle our it’s best to use some sort of fueling 2wdw has a flash for the MIVV , I just run an EJK because it’s a little cheaper and puts you “back in the green” and restores and increases low end torque and high end power creating more power than baffle in/no fueling changes. It is loud as balls and throaty and mean sounding baffle out and sounds super. So get one already exhaust + tune or exhaust+ ejk. Either way you’ll be like, “that was a good idea”
  12. crsnhppr

    Exhaust options

    MIVV needs no controller , high quality for sure too! Also you get an exhaust that isn’t just like everyone else’s.
  13. Additionally I’ll note that before I installed my EJK I had been running my bike without the O2 sensor connected for some time so my bike was likely running off its “safe mode” or “fall back” map since it was no longer getting any info from its O2 sensor. When connecting my EJK I left the O2 sensor uninstalled and have been running it uninstalled since installation of EJK unit.
  14. So I thought I would share this. A member either on here or maybe it was FB claimed his EJK was throwing his bike into a 10.2 or so AFR range with the O2 sensor removed. I reached out out to Doebeck and explained his process of analyzing his experiments with their product in the manner he referred to on this forum and asked a general “wtf” is going on with this. This is the response I got from them : On Nov 9, 2017, at 3:01 PM, Dobeck Tech Support <tech@dobeckproducts.com> wrote: Thank you for reaching out. You do not need to run the O2 sensor with the EJK installed and it is recommended to disconnect the O2 sensor when the EJK is installed. If you choose to keep the O2 sensor hooked up to keep the bike emissions compliant and street legal, you would need to set your green fuel zone to the 0% fuel change setting as to not conflict with what the O2 sensor is doing. When the O2 sensor is disconnected, the FZ-07 runs around 13.5 AFR. We have this on video from our initial testing and may even be posted somewhere on the FZ07.org website. It is likely this individual ran the EJK with O2 sensor connected for some time. If the EJK is adding/subtracting fuel while the O2 sensor is connected, the O2 sensor will continue to regulate the fuel to target 14.7 AFR which is what these sensors are designed to target. The O2 sensor sees the change in fuel from the EJK, over time, this can cause the ECU to switch to a different fuel table to operate off of which may be why he saw an overly rich AFR when the O2 was disconnected. Do you have an EJK on your FZ-07? I’d be happy to help you tune it. Let me know if you have any questions. Tech Support | Dobeck Performance 1-406-388-2377 | tech@dobeckperformance.com 157 Progressive Dr | Belgrade, MT 59714 www.DobeckPerformance.com | www.Facebook.com/DobeckPerformance

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