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  1. ladddad

    Seen the Abarth?

    Nothing says performance like Abarth. Only the Yamaha Crossplain 3 engine could flagship this awsome car, and it's greatness.
  2. Check out this guys windscreen!
  3. avanti, It really turned out well. It looks fuller, seems to fill up the empty space well.
  4. avanti, What model windscreen do have?
  5. That looks pretty good. What did you use on the exhaust tip?
  6. Has anybody tried using Flex Seal,or bed liner to black out their frame covers and rear sets?
  7. ladddad


    2 rotor would make very fast Bike, and yes the manifold will glow under High RPMs. They rev high like some bikes (10,000 RPMS). I had a early model RX-7 in 1989, and I have never had a more fun car. It reminded me of bikes I have had previously. I felt connected to the road with the handling, and throttle response. First car I ever bought. I t is filed away in my mind under fun as hell.
  8. How badazz would the fZ_07 be if it had an old single rotary engine put in it. Do this somebody please.
  9. ladddad

    vinyl wrapped tank

    http://www.metrorestyling.com/default.asp Can't beleave more people aren't doing this. Check out the their finished projects.
  10. ladddad

    FZ 07 Belt drive

    I thought they where low maintenance, and lasted a long time.
  11. Has anyone tried this yet, or is it even possible?
  12. ladddad

    Cheap Ebay exhaust.

    Has anyone tried this exhaust yet. Looks cool. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-38-51mm-Dual-Outlet-Exhaust-Muffler-Tail-Vent-Pipe-Slip-On-Universal-/401283920222?fits=Make%3AYamaha%7CModel%3AFZ07&hash=item5d6e62b15e:g:iOgAAOSwWxNYtpEP&vxp=mtr

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