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  1. go4geoff

    New owner in SoCal

    Rocking a full Yoshi exhaust myself @crosbix! You're gonna love the sound of it! What part of SoCal are you in??
  2. @bellissimoto Lol yeah Paul, this does sound like it could cost a pretty penny to have all those things in one! But I'm very interested by in it though...
  3. Hey man. If you are willing to travel up to Hollywood I advise talking to Jared at MOTORSPORT EXOTICA. I brought my FZ to him to have it custom dyno tuned and it was worth every penny! I have a full Yoshi R77 exhaust system, and the MWR air filter /lid combo installed. After about 3-4 hours on the dyno and talking to Sean, the tuner, my bike was setup exactly as I wanted. Smoother power delivery and response, with minimal engine braking only in lower gears of 3rd to 1st. I generally use my bike for canyon carving and minor commuting right now. Power being put down now is 71.51WHP & 49.88WTQ. The engine is silky smooth now and feels as if it's ready to pull in any gear! Its definitely been a great investment in maximizing my engine performance safely. I have mine tuned perfectly reliable for everyday riding. If I wish to track my bike eventually, I can have them tune it a bit more lean in parts for more power. Either way, you will love how responsive and quickly the bike will want to accelerate compared to the stock ecu. I suggest putting an r6 throttle tube on if ya haven't done it, as you'll crave the quicker throttle response with the new added power =) http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/593da60803dcf/Snapchat-1988197616.mp4
  4. Hehe this is my usually playground! I ride with a lot of these fast guys (tho they are still quicker than me). I even made appearances on @rnickeymouse videos on YouTube with the FZ! That's @rrgor that's dropping his elbow in the vid preview. Insanely good rider! I think him and his buddy on a S1KRR got a 64 degree lean angle once! Like wtfff!? Lol
  5. go4geoff


    I'm a huge fan and rider of the Snake. It's arguably one of the best roads to play on, just need to avoid the traffic. The snake is more of a proving ground that allows you to practice techniques on a lower speed course. I find places like ACH, Palomar, GMR, Azusa canyons are all where riders get in accidents involved with cars. The Snake has more errors on riders trying to push themselves too much. Regardless, don't be so quick to avoid the snake! I've had more than a few FZ members on our FB page become avid riders of the snake after they've gotten bored of long swooping turns and idiot people at ACH for example. It's generally a good note to not ride the snake on weekends. That's when everyone is seems to be out. The weekdays provide an awesome experience and learning ground when you really want to romp your bike like a super bike @tucker21!
  6. My dyno chart from my custom dyno tune on the FZ. I have the new MWR filter/lid combo from @bellissimoto and a Yoshimura R77 full exhaust system installed. This was tuned in Los Angeles with weather conditions of 87 degrees and 32% humidity respectively. At night when it's cooler out here, like 63 degrees, the power difference really shows. It swells up torque even harder!
  7. I bought one of these systems at their introductory discount price and can't speak well enough about it. It's a very nicely constructed piece of hardware and simple as all hell to install. Being a more aggressive rider in the canyons it provides great piece of mind when I have to trust my grip. I wrote a small review and added photos in the 'What did you do to your Yamaha today' thread a few days back. Highly recommend for commuters and track runners alike!
  8. I gave @cyclops new TPMS system a try and installed it last night. I used the provided handlebar mount and affixed it to my motocage on the left side of the bike. I have woodcraft clip-ons and it leaves little to no space for attaching the main unit. The tire sensors are screw on valve caps that are battery operated and wirelessly connect to the main unit. They provide real-time air pressure and temperature that displays on the window. The unit itself has two smaller windows within it that display the current tire readings. It will also flash the current tire air temperature once per minute or so for about 10 seconds. There are also settings for high/low audible alarms in the event of something foul. Useful if I were to run a nail and start having a bad leak on my commute or in the canyons. Better to know sooner than later if I'm about to be riding a flat. It was easy to install as you only need to tap into any 12v DC power that's available. I believe the display unit only draws 6 watts of power. I chose to splice into the Aux DC line we have underneath our left side fairing. Two T-tap splicers, some electrical tape, and a few zipties and it's done! Programming the system was easy as cake. Using only two buttons available, a simple series of combo clicks will easily allow you to set it up. Much like our dash gauge. I have found the sensors quite accurate! Checked my tire pressure with a gauge, and then again with the new sensor system. Both matching up numbers! Unfortunately, I can't provide a long term review just yet. Only tried the system out for a 15min ride after the installation. But for paying $100 bucks to pay to play, I'd def say it's a nifty addition to my ride! http://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Motorcycle-Tire-Pressure-Monitoring-System_p_171.html
  9. go4geoff

    Hello from California

    Congratulations and welcome to the fam! This place has served as such a huge resource of info for me. I've found almost all answers I had about my ride from people here, truly a family oriented forum. I'm from SFV valley here in LA. What part of Cali u riding out of buddy?
  10. Just bought 2 t-shirts in support of our great little FZ forum family @admin! As the weather here in LA is in the 90s now, I do not have much use for hoodies in the upcoming summer months haha. Again, if any other Cali based forum members would you like to join our official FZ07 Cali Owners Facebook page, please reach out. As the admin for the FB page I do try to organize rides and meet/greets weekly. Thanks all! Keep up the stellar job @admin!!
  11. Just received my MWR filter combo in the mail this morning! Awesome delivery time after it came in from Europe @pgeldz @bellissimoto ! I'm going to try and install it by this weekend and give my review as I putt putt around LA. I'm hoping it'll help to correct my reflash from Graves and free up some lost power now that im running a proper air flow to fuel ratio. No more stock! Woooo lol These look promising! (Obviously did not open the filter bag due to the oil residue being on it)
  12. I have used the same Madhornet shorty levers in red for about 8k miles on my FZ. Love love love them. Not only have they held up in a lowside before, but also they haven't faded color with all the hand controls use. From the cheapys I've seen they're one of the better quality ones, so much so people always ask me who made them at bike meets. You won't be disappointed with them for the price my man @brokenhat!
  13. @sorkyah dude the weather is gorgeous, the food at Pinks is good, buttttt I'm at work til 11pm today.... So shit. Lol sorry guys, this weekend maybe?
  14. Yessss! That's awesome news to hear after what feels like forever @bellissimoto lol! Ive been waiting for mine to finally see if the new improved airflow will match my ECU tune. Give me a nice umph in power!
  15. Well if you come by the Mulholland Snake tmrw I think 5 of us FZs will be running the course buddy.

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