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  1. All serviced and ready to go!!! - Paulie
  2. Anyone going? I'll be riding up from Vegas!!! - Paulie
  3. That's a great question... Not sure. I thought the mounting points are slightly different between the FZ-07 and FZ-09, and I'm not sure of the turn signal placement either. It may work with modification, but I can't say for sure... - Paulie
  4. It was nice, but a little longer than I wanted - Paul
  5. I applaud your efforts, but I'd say there is a reason why the DNA and MWR filter covers have smooth radius edges leading into the opening... Just my 2 Cents - Paul
  6. Piece of cake, really. - Paulie
  7. Mine are definitely not that fancy, lol.
  8. I should clarify, and when I said I've never had that happen to me, I meant with the CRG adapters. - Paulie
  9. Wow, never once had that happen to me, and I've had them forever. A dab of Blue Loctite may be of some help here. - Paulie
  10. pgeldz

    2015 FZ-07 Liquid Graphite 19k - San Diego $4,400

    This is a solid bike folks. I know the owner as well, and I can vouch. Lets try and keep this one in the family! Hope it goes to a nice home to someone on the forum... - Paulie
  11. Nice fix! Not sure what you mean though about the CRG adapters causing a sticky throttle or being finicky. If for some reason people have that issue with the CRG adapters, you just leave a few mm of gap between the inside edge of the adapter and the grip, and then just tighten them down. - Paulie
  12. Thanks! I just took a side shot of the bike and played with it in Paint Shop Pro. I may have some "templates"...I'll have to look. Send me a PM with your e-mail address and if I still have them I'll send them to ya. - Paulie

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