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  1. Has anyone installed ROX 3,4,or 5" Pivot Risers on an FZ/MT-07 and if so: I am interested in knowing your experience with electronic wiring harness AND the need to lengthen the Multi-function Meter Unit cabling PLUS, any other issues. ... thank you.
  2. listen. the USA F7-07 owners manual states the full fuel tank capacity is 3.7 gallons to the bottom of the filler tube. It also states there is a "fuel reserve" amount of 0.71 gallons. There is also a "Fuel Reserve Tripmeter'. "When the fuel level becomes low, the fuel level warning indicator AND the last-segment-of-the-fuel-meter will start flashing. The (Tripmeter) display will change to the fuel Reserve tripmeter, and start counting the distance traveled from-that-point." If everything is working and the above facts are the case, I have already used 3.0 gallons of gasoline. I have a 0.7 gallon reserve left if the fuel gauge and the reserved fuel level are accurately reported. If I know what my bike's average MPG is, I can figure how far i 'might' go before my bike is empty and need to gas up appropriately. Unfortunately, the above is not the case. When the fuel level warning indicator and the last segment of fuel meter start flashing, and when the Tripmeter displays Reserve, i should know i am 0.7 gallons away from walking. But, how come my fuel tank will take 2.4 gallons of fuel to the bottom of the fuel filler tube, with the bike standing up straight, after all the warning signs listed above start to display?? I doesn't really matter what shape the gas tank has or how many MpG i get. A manual "reserve fuel" lever would be a better indicator of 'Low on Gas' than the system provided with the FZ-07.

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