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  1. No but I didn't research that. The conversion allows you to use lighter wheels if you have them.
  2. So here is the new progress. I didnt know where these plates went in the kit and didnt have time to call at work so I figured it out if any one was wondering. With the new rear set plates on I had to remove the old plate that the kick stand mounted on. I got some longer bolts M10-1.25x75 from lowes and had to dremel out one of the wholes a little bit to get it to work. I still have to trim the belly pan a bit to clear when its down but it clears when its up.
  3. I am working on a solution right now I'll post what happens.
  4. Did a little bit more disassembly last night. Installed the new link an rear shock. Please ignore the dirty bike, she going to get a good bath when it's all said and done.
  5. Disassembled the bike a bit last night. I am sending out my ECU and rear caliper bracket to FZ07R.com image uploader
  6. Sadly no, it's not in the budget right now.
  7. I decided to go with more expensive parts and I have paid about $7,000 in parts but it can be done cheaper. I am still deciding to make a bracket to use the stock headlight so that some one can build a naked 07r.
  8. All you need is a new upper bearing that you can order from FZ07R.com
  9. Hey, I'm new to the forum thing so please bare with me. I bought my bike a year ago and shortly after found out about the FZ-07R. I have decided to build the first street legal FZ-07R. I dont think its been done yet. I have been gathering all the parts over the last 8 months and I'm ready to start building. Here is everything so far. I bought most the parts from either FZ-07R.com, ebay, or hustlehardracing.com. The bodywork The bodywork mounting kit Slipper clutch rear set plates rear link R6 rear wheel conversion kit Hord Power air box R6 triples R6 front calipers 2015 R1 headlights Clip ons, braided brake lines, front brake pads IXIL Hyperlow Exhaust Penske 8987 rear shock R6 forks with Ohlins 25mm TTX gas cartridges Brembo 19CS front master cylinder GPR steering dampener

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