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  1. jchin3081

    Thx everyone!!!

    Just because I have a different bike doesn't mean I won't be seeing you again. We'll call each other for meet ups and rides.
  2. jchin3081

    Thx everyone!!!

    My previous bikes have been supersport bikes. I bought the FZ as my first naked. It's been such a fun bike, but I realized that it really wasn't for me. I've been waiting for the new R6 to be announced for a long time. Once it was unveiled, I put a deposit for pre-delivery on it the day of and have been waiting for almost six or seven months. I finally got the call this week that it arrived at the dealer and was ready for pickup. I told my friend to check out the forum and that people will probally know my bike if he posts pictures.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for making this such a great forum. Everyone has been great. It's time to say good bye seeing as my buddy bought my FZ-07 over the weekend and I purchased my new bike today. My ex: My new 2017 R6:

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