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  1. Oh don't you worry. The FZ-10 forums will get a topic on that. Lol I went to Bright Power Sports. They had the best price I could find for a new one of these. I already told the guy I'm selling my bike to if he ever goes to sell it again to let me know. haha I'd buy back the 07, rebuild the engine and make it a project bike or something. Thanks!
  2. I just posted my intro a little while ago, so I'll be over there.
  3. Well, it's been a while since I posted and I have some bitter sweet news. I will no longer own an FZ-07 at the end of this week. I went to a Yamaha test ride event last Saturday and test rode an FZ-10 and well... That was the end of that... Yesterday I drove 279 miles to Detroit to pick up a brand new 2017 FZ-10 for 11,000 out the door which in my opinion is a great price for the FZ-10. I want to tank everyone on here for the great 4 years I have been on this forum. At the end of the week my friend will be buying my 07 and Zoey will no longer be mine. But like I said, out with the old, in with the new... I never honestly thought I'd be making this post because I love my bike to death. It was a very special bike to me. Bought it at the start of college and she was with my all 4 years until I graduated. Sad for sure, but I'm ready to move up in the motorcycle classes. My new bike which is still unnamed will be loads of fun I'm sure. I will still be around periodically I'm sure, but for now, this is goodbye. Thank you everyone. Below is a picture of Zoey with the new girl.
  4. Yes. The topic has been reborn.
  5. This. I find myself randomly pressing the button multiple times in a row even though the signal is already off. So that way just in case it didn't shut off for what ever reason, I will still shut it off eventually.
  6. Really interesting. Being a senior engineering student, I thoroughly enjoyed this. It just goes to show you the Yamaha engineers seemed to make the best choice on design for the every day rider. we don't need that extra .5 hp for the common everyday biker. You tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter. (RIP Chester)
  7. Where are you located? Me being in Buffalo, NY, I've never had anything like this even look like it was going to happen and I've had this bike for almost 3 years and have been in direct sunlight a lot.
  8. I've been using imgur for other forums and haven't had an issue... Hopefully that doesn't go next...
  9. Allan

    Ermax Belly Pan

    I have the same colour so would also like to see one if possible please They aren't really on here too much anymore. I've commented on a couple other threads and have gotten nothing back. Your best bet is to email them directly or to call them.
  10. I ended up taking a couple of pics anyways yesterday, so here you go.
  11. Are you talking to me or someone else? Lol well, if you are talking to me, I can tell you if you are using the Akrapovic TI this center stand has plenty of room to spare when installed. It does change the ground clearance a little, but honestly I have never noticed a difference and I've had it on for about a year now I think. If you really want I can still take a pic of it, but I'm telling you there is about an inch or two of apace between the pipe and the stand when it is up.
  12. I've been using 15w50 full synthetic oil since the break in service and I haven't had any problems. Those 2 numbers as far as I know are just operating temperature ranges, so it really doesn't matter if you have a larger temp range, as long as you don't have a smaller temp range oil. I.e. if the recommended is 15w40 (I'm totally making up those numbers by the way because I don't remember what the recommened oil is from the manual for our bike) and you use 10w50 its ok, but if you use 25w35 (if that even exists) it wouldn't be ok. I could be wrong, but that is how I understand it.
  13. Allan

    Royster Softbags

    Are these 11 liters each, or 22 liters each? Your website says 22 liters and I wasn't sure if that meant per bag or total.
  14. Allan

    Hepco & Becker C-Bow for Soft Luggage

    I'm seeing this now after doing a little digging. Do you have the install PDF by any chance so I can see how this attaches to the bottom of the bike? Other similar systems like this rely on the stock fender and I'm afraid that my fender eliminator will get in the way with this. I'll also probably be asking some questions in the Royster thread you have too. Thanks in advance!
  15. Allan

    Hepco & Becker Side Carriers for Hard Luggage

    @motomachines Do you guys have the install instructions by any chance? I'd like to see how they attach to the bottom of the bike. Been looking into a luggage system and this one is on my radar along with the SW-Motech Blaze system. *Edit: Also, side note now that I looked around your site, the C-Bow seems to be a better fit for what I want as I prefer soft, semi-rigid luggage over hard cases. I may make a new thread asking more about that system and the Royster bags, just an FYI...

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