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  1. caliesv

    CaliEsv Gallery

    Hella short notice, but me and 2 buddies are ridding up to Alice's (Alice's Restaurant 17288 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, CA 94062) Leaving tomorrow morning about 7/730 am. If you're interested leave a comment and we can meet up on the way.
  2. caliesv

    2017 FZ 07 seat cowl

    All for looks. I took all the passenger equipment off my bike. (for personal reasons lol ) I throw my cowl on when I ride with a backpack, and throw my passenger seat on when I use my seat bag.
  3. caliesv


    Depends on what look, style, position you're aiming for. I'm running renthal bars
  4. One vote for @caliesv ☺
  5. Check out my gallery. I got a fuel bottle mounted on my bike.
  6. caliesv

    CaliEsv Gallery

    Hey everyone, hope everyone been well. For all the OGs on this thread that remember me, life been getting in the way of staying active here. Just wanted to share a quick story. If you know my bike, you know I carry a fuel can on it. There was a guy on an R1 stuck in the fast lane on the bay Bridge today. Ran outta gas. I pulled over and gave him my reserves. And he was back on his way. Always help a fellow biker out! I always try to pull over when a biker is on the side of the road and see if there's anything I can do to help. I carry a small medical kit, tire patch kit, pump and fuel. Stay safe out there guys! We need to set up a ride soon!
  7. It's going to take a while to get your mind right again if you decide to get back on a bike. We all been there, or will be there sooner or later. Hang in there. Take it easy man.
  8. caliesv

    FZ-07 Sightings (Bay Area Edition)

    Blurple rider behind me from SF area past Vallejo (my stop) whitish/yellow helmet.
  9. Is it true what they say about the sun visor or will it jerk your head back at speed if you tilt your head too much the wrong way? I've used helmets in the past with sun visors like that and I really liked how they kept the sun out of your eyes but they weren't designed to prevent neck snap. Seems a little pricey as well but I would buy one just for the visor. I can't stand direct sunlight in the eyes. I keep reading and hearing about the visor catching wind on dual sport helmets. So, like what any good citizenwould do, I got up to about 90 mph (didn't wanna break my neck going faster just yet) and lifted my head up, and to my surprise, there was no noticeable pull back. I know arai has spent a lot of time engineering their helmets. And from what I understand, everything on that helmet is built to break off or snap off. So i figured the visor would snap off before my neck did. You should go try one on! They are pretty f'n nice. But then again, they better be for that price.
  10. how do you like the frost color? I actually like it. Even better than the icon ghost carbon I have. That arai finish seems like it will last longer (bugs, rocks etc)

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