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  1. Orly. This bike has no running problems as is. The only recurring problem I see is LEARN HOW TO RIDE. It is mind blowing to me how easy it is to legally ride bikes in some parts of the world.
  2. How much did that cost you 762mm? My cousin has a lathe at work, took him 10 minutes, didnt cost me anything.
  3. 762mm


    crg arrows, looks so much better than the mickey mouse looking crap
  4. I just had the oem barends machined, the rhinomoto ones is a fing robbery.
  5. the words 700 and single will never equal smooth. I owned a duke and the 07 with upgraded suspension is better in EVERY way. the cb650 has no low end and feels slow AF
  6. Now you just need a magnifying glass in order to tell if the car behind you is a cop car or not. That said, LOVE my CRG Arrows.
  7. 762mm


    When in doubt, shoei
  8. Just in case you Yanks didnt know, the Corbin seat is the ugliest seat I have ever seen, that thing aint touching my 07.
  9. Since everything in Norway cost twice as much as everywhere else I was looking for the most bang for the buck. And as I always do I google like crazy for a month or two and the 07 was the clear winner. Bought it without even trying it. Previous bikes are gixxer600, gixxer750 and a ktm duke, and I feel the 07 is the best of them. the 750 is fun for very high speed, but for anything below 100 mph Ill take the 07. And for those of you who have not done the suspension on this bike, just start saving because it is so worth it. This bike is a bit nervous in corners stock. But now I have so much more fun on it I dont even think about trading up. Testet a speed triple 675 last weekend and that bike got nothing on the 07 in the grunt department. Just going slow in 3rd and pinning it leaves the 675 in the dust. So spend that 600 on shocks and springs and thank me later.
  10. I believe the 650 ninja is called er6s in Europe?
  11. Trying to figure it out will drive you nuts, sometimes it goes into 1st like butter other times major klunk. What really irks me is the starter button wont go back to the correct position without some help when starting her up. The first time fraked me out because some light came on when pulling the clutch while riding when the starter button was semi engaged. Took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on.
  12. The ride with my Ohlins is a lot smoother, rebound is also a lot better, before I swapped I really wanted a new seat too, now after the upgrade I dont feel the need for the comfort seat option anymore. Im just a regular rider and really notice the difference so this is not just a track oriented mod. Well wort the 500 Euro or so.
  13. Not cheap to do, but Im going to go with swapping out the rear shock as the best mod.
  14. When seeing what it takes to ride a bike legally in the US, no bike should be recommended.

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