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  1. Because you have more travel on extension.
  2. Your are ok for any club and any class except MA. MA only allows homologated suspension. Which means I would have to pay MA to sell my stuff which makes no sense to me right now.
  3. Our race bike (won race yesterday at b-willow) is on stock forks with cartridges and stock brakes (calipers, master and pads). Brake lines are ss.
  4. Stock shock is not emulsion
  5. I used all kind stuff :). I am shop that sells and installs suspension. On our race bikes we use my cartridges or different forks all together. If rules don't permit (like MA new twins class) than we use AK20. I am in USA, Traxxion and Ohlins are most common and make most sense to use. No reason to experiment with other brands.
  6. twf

    R3 damper swap??

    We don't have that problem around here with rules It is not just equipment. You can't discharge it or charge as is. You have to drill hole and install charging port. Shock is not meant to be rebuilt.
  7. twf

    R3 damper swap??

    It can be rebuilt but you would need to add valve or way to charge it. What race class require stock shock?
  8. It is simpler, easy to install, replaces damper rods and works better.
  9. Most like it is your regulator. Stator produces AC current.
  10. Motorcycle has regulator/rectifier that controls charging.
  11. Standard chargers have desulfation mode which kills lithium batteries.
  12. twf

    Clips on to fork tube?

    You can get standard woodcraft clipons but you need the ones with risers and spacer. That is what we run on our bike. You also have to remove black fork covers between triples.
  13. Only changes are bored throttles, some porting, stacks and cams. Graves exhaust. Engine is stock otherwise, stock pistons and compression. One dyno run is pump fuel and other is MR12, 3hp difference in fuel.
  14. twf

    Bent dog bone link....

    When in compression stroke swingarm is going up, shock is compressing and link is moving forward (end where shock is bolted). Other end (where dog bones connect) is going down. Basically looking at that picture link is rotating counterclockwise. Either shock is bottomed out on travel or hydraulically locked when dog bones give up.

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