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  1. chademinent


    Nels Dynoed my bike with the airbox last spring. Said it was the strongest running 07 he's put on the dyno (started out with the most hp he's seen). Either way you go you will get a nice increase in power, especially at the top end. Heres a link to the video: FX07 Dyno Run
  2. I love my tank bag. Hepco and Becker makes a great sloution that is easy on easy off (uses magnets). The mount for it is very small and hardly noticeable when not using the bag. They have a smaller expandable tank bag that isn't bulky and in the way, I use it for running around town and i always have it on my long trips. Sorry, I know you were asking about backpacks, but i cant stand having one on my back while wearing a jacket. tank bag Tank Ring Kit small mounting plate:
  3. chademinent

    New m4 full system

    I've got the slip on, love how it sounds. Would like to hear the full system and also to see if you can add just the headers to the slip on.
  4. This is a close to a cruiser as i would get. Ducati's "cruiser"
  5. Got my hands on an airbrush for the first time...got a little carried away lol. I thinned down some plastidip. It's all completely removable. Not 100% done yet but I will get some more pics on my build page when its done.
  6. I've got at least 5000 miles on my SW Motech bags, and they still look and work great! Love them! I've got a tail tidy on mine and i think it looks great with the bags on there, but i do use an integrated brake/turn signal.
  7. Black handlebars, grips, CRG Shorty levers and some new blue pearl Autoflex
  8. Not necessarily crazy, but good stories nonetheless; Rode up Pikes Peak last summer and got stopped about 2 miles from the summit by a grounds worker. He pulled his truck out and blocked both lanes hopped out and started yelling at me, talking about how he saw me pass all those cars in the double yellow and going way too fast and calling the police, I dunno i couldn't really hear since i was listening to music lol. I had to follow him the rest of the way up going 20mph, it was agonizing. Two weeks ago My dad and i were riding in Southern Utah, we were on 31 going up and over this mountain (beautiful road..we were hauling). Dad was leading when we came up on a dirt biker, so we zoomed around him on a double yellow. A few moments later i checked my mirrors and i could see he was trying to keep pace with us, I thought "dang he must be pissed we passed him". Five minutes later he is still back there, granted he is lagging behind a bit but I'm still thinking he is pushing that bike hard because we were doing 70-80 up this mountain. About another 5-10 minuted later we got into some traffic and slowed way down and he was on us super fast and as i look over i see a green uniform and a badge and then a gun...yeah he was a Ranger and he was signaling us over. So we pulled over and he got our licenses and whatnot and he was physically shaking and was having a hard time putting his words together, I think he scared himself on that bike a few times trying to pace us. So he asked where we were from and all the BS but did not seem angry at all, just warned us of accidents and blah blah blah and took all our info, phone numbers and pictures of our plates to send to the local sheriff since his radio wasn't working. We are from Montana so I think we got away scott-free from this one. My Dad said that in over 21 years of riding he has never been pulled over for speeding, same with me but i only have 3 short years under my belt. FYI the ranger was riding a Husqvarna 701, that thing is powerful.
  9. chademinent

    KTM Duke 790 Wow!

    They compare it to those bikes because that is the class the 790 is in. Way more power than the 07, better suspension, traction control and ABS and more cc means it will never compare to an 07. Don't get me wrong, I love my bike but it is a bargain basement bike compared to the KTM
  10. chademinent

    Oh No! 13 days to GO TIME!

    Im going to be at the UMC this weekend for their ART class. Then riding the rest of the week around Utah, Arizona, Colorado Maybe even Wyoming. Good luck this season!!
  11. Keep an eye on my build page!
  12. @Beemer I do the work myself, I have a side business doing the liquid wraps. The current color is a ZTF Hypershift in Autoflex Coatings, looks, feels, acts like paint but is completely removable (think plastidip's grown up more mature brother). I am changing it to a custom blue pearl and I'm hoping it turns out the way i want. My instagram is #406dips Facebook is www.facebook.com/406dips if you want to see some other work i do.
  13. Got my body pieces ready for a new color last night.
  14. chademinent

    HULAGN_My 2015 FZ07 Build

    Re-wrapped my exhaust and decided to take a different approach. Not sure if Im sold on it yet but Im going to roll with it for a while to see if it grows on me. Also bike is tore down for a new color so that should help when its put back together. I used the crushed lavarock stuff this time instead of the fiberglass wrap. WAY easier to use and a bit less itchy.

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