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  1. peteinpa

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    But have you received them yet? I want to order them, but want to know if they're right. Does the end screw off that the coil goes on?
  2. peteinpa

    Fork spacer for more preload?

    Nope, just the PVC.
  3. peteinpa

    Fork spacer for more preload?

    yep, it's strong enough. you'll need to get the front wheel off the ground.
  4. peteinpa

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Let us know if these work and I'll get them. I've upgraded to iridium in most of my bikes.
  5. im going to say try a TB sync before disconnecting the O2 sensor. mine is smoooth, no jerkiness.
  6. Oem pipe, no snorkle or lid, o2 still attached, and 2WDW flash for me. mine runs great! I'm confused also about O2 sensor.
  7. sitting in parking lot at work no joy for me.
  8. I'm not looking at them for 19k miles yet, but I've checked 16 valves on my V4 ST1300 twice, no adjustment needed.
  9. yeah, this doesn't sound right. Something is wrong.
  10. peteinpa

    Upside down dash

    new tires...They had both wheels off, better check all those bolts. Bristol PA, I'm embarrassed to be in the same state. except for warranty work my bikes never see the dealer again. I bet they charged $400 or more for the 8k service alone.
  11. peteinpa

    Upside down dash

    Did you point it out to any non-essential employees there? OK, I want to know the name and location of this dealer.
  12. peteinpa

    Upside down dash

  13. I found +1 to be all I need. Perfect for me.

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