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  1. hordboy

    Hordpower Airbox

    PCV vs. flash is kind've a wash. The PCV has one big advantage, it comes with an 02 sensor controller that changes the AFR from the lean 14.7:1 to 14.2:1 anytime the ECO mode is on. Doesn't sound like much of a change, but the FZ runs really well at cruise at 14.2:1. And good mileage. OTOH a flash is nice because you can turn on decel fueling, and you don't have an extra box on the bike that could potentially fail. Although it's very rare a PCV goes bad. Just kinda depends on your situation, which to choose. Either will work fine. One thing, if you buy the FTECU kit, I won't supply a flash file, not even for $$. Because there's no way to keep somebody from using the file to make $$ off my work by flashing ECU's for other people. Intellectual rights issues. But I do give away PCV maps for free. A popular combo is the Yosh, airbox, and flash or PCV. 10hp-ish gain, proven over and over. All right, now I probably owe Rob some $$. lol PM sent.
  2. hordboy

    Hordpower Airbox

    I'd definitely come back if the orders make it worthwhile! This is a good forum.
  3. I tested foam Uni pods first thing when I embarked on my airbox project. They do give a gain, but it's all at the top. And, you'll definitely have to re-map or flash for them, the stock ECU will not auto-compensate. That only happens, basically, when you see the ECO mode on your dash.
  4. Like others have said, the connection issue sounds normal. When you fire up the software and connect to the ECU, it "marries" the ECU with a license code. Your computer has to be hooked to the internet and you have to be logged in to your account, because the license is in your FTECU account. I don't know how they put the license codes in your account, but sometimes it takes a day or so after your purchase. The pins have little lock tabs that need released to pull them out. I have a teeny tiny little screwdriver for such use. And reading glasses. lol
  5. hordboy

    FZ-07 Rev limiter

    It starts at 10,450.
  6. This is interesting stuff, but static flow models are only one small part of the equation as I'm sure you know. The tuning of the intact tract has a far bigger impact. Runner length, volume, etc. The test I did removing the filter and snorkel assembly completely, proved the stock runner length is ok for midrange, but the volume of the airbox is too small, and the runners are badly shrouded by the filter. I think the solution there is a flat panel filter over the airbox opening, or an "upside down" filter on the outside of the box. Room is limited for that. I did experiment shortening the intake runners and installing proper velocity stacks inside the stock airbox. It gave a decent gain and perhaps warrants further exploration. I did a LOT of testing of various things. OEM style replacement filters just aren't going to give a big gain. This is why my airbox design came into being.
  7. hordboy

    PCV Tuning in Midwest

    Dyno time is $100/hr. That's not charged from the minute you walk in 'til you walk out- just tuning time. Probably $200 at the most and you'll be out the door. I already have good baseline maps, it would just need tickled a little bit to suit your bike and off you go. Plus I would set it up for per-gear mapping to make it work with ECO mode better.
  8. hordboy

    PCV Tuning in Midwest

    I'm in north central Ohio (Bucyrus) and have a Dynojet 250 load control dyno. 16+ years experience tuning with it. FZ-07 spoken fluently in my shop.
  9. hordboy

    1st Mod ~ Suspension?

    Let's not forget Hordpower who carries Penske, K-Tech, Nitron, and JRi products.
  10. Do you have your O2 sensor plugged in, or disconnected?

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