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  1. I'm aware. I lived in England for 2 years, so I know what it can be like in that part of the world. Moderate temps, but rain, rain, rain.
  2. Lucky. I'm in Texas. High today was 100°F/38°C. It's not too bad if you're moving... gets pretty bad when stopped or in thick traffic though. The advantage is that I can ride just about year round, as it's generally not that bad in the winter months.
  3. I bought it on clearance in 2014, which is when they stopped making it. Revzilla has taken it completely off their site.
  4. USMCFieldMP

    my ginger build

    The only thing that looks bad is the dB killer still in the pipe. What'd you use to paint the covers above the rearsets? I want to do mine, but can't decide what I want to use to do it. I'll probably just use some PlastiDip to see how I like it. I'm mostly just worried about the shade of black not flowing.
  5. USMCFieldMP

    FZ-07 Front Sprocket Nut size-answered

    Can confirm. Just changed sprockets and chain.
  6. Your tank has a breather, so that's not an issue. Also, your little 3 gallons of gas aren't going to expand that much. This things are thought of during design and they're accounted for. Like... a food grade thermos? Because yeah, that's a bad idea. Whatever you use should be rated for fuel... for multiple reasons.
  7. USMCFieldMP

    Fender Bender

    If the rim was bent, you'd know it. The thing I'd be most concerned about are the connection for the tail section. Cracked welds, etc. There's a framework there, and if it absorbed a lot of the impact, that could mean damage.
  8. ...do you not just sit on the bike when you fill it up? Easiest way to make sure it's full, imo.
  9. How is that not how things work mechanically? The chain and the trans sprocket are directly connected...mechanically. Go tighten your chain too much, you're going to have a hard time shifting. When it's too loose it's flopping around when you're off throttle. If your chain is too loose, it won't affect your ability to shift - that's what I was addressing. But to address what you just said, if you're chain is tight enough to the point where it's moving your transmission hardware enough to affect your shifting, you have larger problems. I've heard more than my share of people say that shifting trouble can be attributed to chain slack... but that's just not the case. Your shifter should not be affected by the amount of slack in your chain. That's just not how a sequential transmission operates.
  10. USMCFieldMP

    New exhaust

    I like loud too. I once ran nothing but an 18" long straight pipe off the turbo on a 400+ whp car. Exited straight downward behind the engine. Ear splitting, but smile inducing.
  11. I didn't mean without the engine running... I meant with the engine running. If you're just sitting there, can you pop 1 to 2 without issue? If you can do it sitting still without issue, then it is most likely an issue with YOU if you can't do it properly when moving.
  12. USMCFieldMP

    Observations on week-long trip with FZ-07

    I've been wondering about taking a long trip on mine, but was worried about storage space. That looks like it worked out quite well for you.
  13. USMCFieldMP

    New exhaust

    That small of a muffler is going to blow your ear drums out. Not that I'm complaining, just giving you a warning, lol. Looks good. You'll love the way these bikes sounds with a pipe on them.
  14. Can you make it to second if you're just sitting still? Are you taking care to ensure you're pulling the shift lever all the way up? Every now and again, I'll have a day when I'll hit neutral about 5 times when trying to go to 2nd. It's always a case of me trying to quick shift and not actually pulling the lever all the way up with my foot. Outside of that, if you are ensuring your pulling the lever all the way up... and it's still not making it into second, you very likely have an internal problem. I don't think chain slack should affect your shifting. That's just not how things work mechanically. I've had a loose chain before... no affect on shifting.
  15. USMCFieldMP

    I could see myself owning this

    I love the classic yellow and black Yamaha color scheme. I heavily debated on trading my FZ-07 for the XSR900 in this scheme. The 50th Anniversary R6 and R1 were my first moto loves.

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