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  1. br4nd0n

    Akrapovic Titanium

    May I ask why you're getting rid of it?
  2. Yeah, that is a stock color Yamaha has offered. Not sure if it's in the US, but you could probably find the part number and purchase it.
  3. Just curious on the price of the fender eliminator by itself and is it the fully adjustable one?
  4. I know this is an old topic, but surprisingly I haven't seen anyone mention this unless I've missed it. To me the problem sounds like what the FZ/MT-09 guys were having with the cam chain. Below is a video search where most of the sounds seem like what I hear on the FZ/MT-07. I think it would be worth it if someone who is bothered by this looks into it and lets the rest of us know. I don't really have the money or technical knowledge to provide much help beyond my thoughts and searches. FZ-09 Thread: https://www.fz09.org/forum/32-yamaha-fz-09-guides-how-s/3595-how-install-ape-cct.html Videos of sounds and fixes: https://www.google.com/search?q=fz09+cam+chain&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjEsuL1yo3cAhUk2oMKHewICrwQ_AUIDCgD&biw=2560&bih=1344&dpr=1.5
  5. br4nd0n

    Upside down dash

    I would stop going there and find another dealership if you can. Also, if you have any issues, I would contact Yamaha and complain about the dealership and let them know that they cannot even get the dashes installed properly, providing the above picture as proof.
  6. br4nd0n

    New Look

    How does one switch to this dark theme? This light one has been bothering my eyes
  7. I'm not sure the shrink tubing is a great idea as it needs be able to slide around in the hole and this would probably make it stick
  8. I recommend figuring out where clutch currently engages/disengages on the clutch basket side so you have a general idea as to where you should aim for. I didn't and wound up having the bike lurch forward and stall a few times before I got it to where it needed to be, which is obviously not great for it.
  9. Nothing, but the parts I ordered came in today and I plan on posting about it when I get it all installed, though this may take a while as I'm lazy.
  10. br4nd0n

    Handlebar Bushings?

    Thanks, but it will probably be even harder to find someone to do this for me... I was hoping some dirt bike ones would work on the FZ and I could just purchase them. I say this because I always have issues trying to get bolts etc. for this motorcycle.
  11. Where can I get some new bushings that would fit 12mm bolts? I'm pretty sure the stock ones are 10mm, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong. In case anyone was wondering, I'm looking at getting some new handlebar mounts and most come with 12mm bolts and I figured it would be easier to replace the bushings then it would be to find bolts that fit the clamps.
  12. br4nd0n

    Best manual pump?

    The way you have this worded made me think you were saying I should avoid the Lenzyne I just purchased... unless that's what you meant
  13. br4nd0n

    Best manual pump?

    Well, I just purchased a Lezyne Sport Drive Floor Pump after reading some reviews and seeing their cool ABS2 valve head.
  14. br4nd0n

    Best manual pump?

    Thanks, I'll check some of the Lezyne pumps out.

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