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  1. I'm curious, are you running rearsets with the Woodcrafts?
  2. aaron

    Fox Bomber Gloves

    Great gloves. Been wearing those for years. Velcro wears out eventually though. I've gone through a few pairs of them.
  3. I just use a regular padlock though the D-ring of my helmet and the slot just above the passenger peg. If you get a padlock for a boat trailer they often are rubber coated and have a weatherproof cap over the key hole too. The lock fits easily under the seat or in your pocket when not in use. Sure someone could cut the strap, but then they just stole a worthless helmet! Been doing this for a couple years now with no issues.
  4. aaron

    Helmet for air flow

    I own the same bell helmet that gregjet mentioned (mx9 adventure). I bought it for my dual sport, but sometimes wear it on the FZ. It flows a ton of air. The brow vents are always open and cannot be closed. This helmet looks pretty cool with the peak taken off and a smoked shield too. Very "fighter pilot" looking. I'm pretty happy with it for a sub $200 helmet. I also have an Icon Airmada which is also a great lid for hot days. I think the Bell flows more air though.
  5. aaron

    Rider Coach & FZ-07 Owner

    I've been watching all your vids and subbed too. Thanks for the great work.
  6. Based on what you said above it sounds like you should go with a Q4 baffle and keep your M4 exhaust. It will be quieter, it's just not the dramatic difference that some were hoping for. I like the way mine sounds now and have no plans to swap exhausts.
  7. The akrapovic titanium is really quiet with the baffle in. Expensive though. The Yoshi is pretty loud in my opinion. It will be a while till I can do a video about the Q4 baffle. I have a really busy weekend with no time to make and edit a vid.
  8. Just save up and by the CRG's along with Rhinomoto bar ends. You won't regret it.
  9. aaron

    Bangs into gear

    Normal, no worries.
  10. aaron

    New riding gear

    Nah, boots the boots are just fine. You should see my mismatched riding gear. At least you aren't squiding it up in sandals. I like the camo pants!
  11. aaron

    Helmet issue

    Your helmet is not the right size or its the wrong shape. Go to a brick and mortar motorcycle gear store and get professionally fitted for a helmet. I always do this when i need a new helmet. You won't regret it.
  12. aaron

    Yamaha Cowl

    I have the Yamaha cowl too. I got it for looks and bugs too. It doesn't block any wind blast.
  13. I just got the baffle yesterday. Threw it in and went for a ride. In my opinion it is not a HUGE difference in sound from the baffle the M4 comes with. It is a little quieter, and now the bike has less "freeway drone." It is quieter, but if you are looking for a big change you will be disappointed. It still sounds plenty mean! I plan to keep it in. I will say this though. The bike runs better and I feel like I got a little power back. I was saving for an EJK and I don't think I will bother buying one now and just run the Q4 baffle. The engine braking is stronger again too. I know some folks don't like that but I love a bike with heavy engine braking. I included a pic of both baffles. You could make this baffle pretty easy. Had I seen a pic before I bought it I would have just made my own.
  14. Everybody buys a bike and changes it to suit their wants and needs. Literally everything you mentioned can be changed to your liking. 1. Buy a tall windscreen. 2. Move the horn button (search the forum), or here's a thought: practice where the horn button is located to build some muscle memory in an emergency. 3. Learn to rev match. It not only sounds cool, it makes you a better rider. 4. There are aftermarket handles you can buy if you really think they are needed. 5. Buy a tailbag, or just wear a backpack. 6. Buy side luggage mounts when you buy your saddlebags (tons of options). Very few bikes have integrated mounting systems unless they are expensive sport touring bikes. 7. Buy a sprocket. Or better yet, wind this little bike out. The little twin on the FZ is happy to spin up high. 8. Buy a battery tender for $30. Then you can leave the lead on the battery all the time. The tender comes with jumper cables you can plug into the lead. Or you could just remember to shut your key off. 9. Buy an aftermarket seat, airhawk cushion or recover the seat. Regarding the stuff you mentioned that you don't like about bikes in general. Everything you mentioned adds weight and cost. The FZ is built at a price point. You sound pretty unhappy with the FZ. I would trade it in on your Honda and be happy. No bike is perfect from the factory, but for the money you can't beat this little bike.
  15. I just got off the phone with M4. I ordered the Q4 baffle. It was $56 plus shipping. I will report back after testing it out. Just ordered a new gopro microphone last week so hopefully can capture some decent audio too.

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