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  1. Nekkid07

    New guy from los angeles

    if u call the number on the website and tell them u can pick up parts locally, they tell u to go to motoshop in santa ana. gil ran the shop. he was going to let me take the suspension link home, then pay him after; super chill guy. now that line is disconnected, so even though ive been to their shop before i have no idea how to get more apmoto parts
  2. Nekkid07

    New guy from los angeles

    good luck trying to get in touch with andy palmer. i went to motoshop and picked up some ap motoarts stuff from gil a while back, but the phones are all disconnected now.
  3. Nekkid07

    Dainese quality. (or lack of)

    so... just because something is made by dainese, it should be impervious to the forces of friction? you could try a different material like the ones below, but then you would wear out your levers and grips. also if you dont wear out some gloves in 2 years, youre not riding enough or hard enough. just my 2 schmeckles
  4. Nekkid07

    The Status of motorcycling in the U.S.?

    i wish the 750 supersports came back. i love the low end of the fz07, but would be nice to spin it up and keep the throttle roll on going.
  5. One way to look at it is that theyre all just tools, some means to another end. Your gear, bike, all of it. I dont wipe down my allen wrenches every time i put them away. I will say though, it always feels great during that first month u have new fresh shoes, so i can understand both sides. After i wore out a couple pairs of gloves, i started to realize that gear is a wearable item (see what i did there). You end up going through it when u ride a lot. also, time cleaning your gear could be spent riding the bike. opportunity cost lol. I think some bikes and cars can be in a different category though. They transcend the utility, and somehow become more than parts bolted together. In that case, its almost doing a disservice to let it look like crap. Tire shine makes such a big difference, its crazy. imho of course
  6. I bought the reflash off the website during a 10% off sale since it is the same price we get with the forum discount (easier checkout without having to email someone, yea im lazy). To be fair, i had close to 11k on the spark plugs and 21k on the air filter on the stock ecu (9k cross country trip in under 30 days). I did a k&n air filter, snorkel removal, fresh spark plugs, and the reflash at the same time. Feels muuuch smoother and im sure it picked up a few hp and tq, but what was most noticeable to me on the first ride was the sound. Running an Akra Ti with baffle in, nothing drilled. It def got louder, but not too loud. Power delivery seems to be smoother and more consistent, but that sound lol... Off throttle: Even tough the front end would dive off throttle sometimes in the lower gears (matris forks with matts magic worked in), i still used the engine braking. Its dangerous and people behind dont know youre braking, but i did it anyway and it was a bad habit. It is now a noticeable improvement in terms of feeling like a normal bike. It didnt bother me much personally, but it is nicer now. On throttle: This is what i care about. What I was hoping for was a buttery smooth throttle cracking open, but u can still feel a slight jerk. Much, much, much better than before though. I guess this is just how it is riding a twin, and ill actually have to practice my roll on instead of fixing it with money. Slightly off topic here: Are u supposed to clutch in a little or something when u start your roll on? Sounds easy if u do all your braking in the straight part, but if youre trail braking at all theres a lot going on to also feather a clutch tl;dr much smoother, a little faster, but wont magically fix a badly trained wrist rolling on the throttle mid lean goes to 11 though
  7. Nekkid07

    How to improve your riding skills:

    now that would be a sight to see. an unconscious guy sliding the rear out sorry, are we not doing that thing anymore in here?
  8. Nekkid07

    How to improve your riding skills:

    Many moto gp riders practice on dirt bikes, so obviously something translates over. I think textbook technique is being taken too literally, but racers with experience in the dirt are typically more comfortable when the rear starts to get loose. Look at Nicky Hayden. Guess what they ride at VR ranch, and guess what was he riding when he broke his leg.
  9. Nekkid07

    We are "that" FZ 07 couple

    looks like u need 2 fender eliminators and 8 turn signals. seriously though, itl be cool in a year or 2 when youve fine tuned each bike to your own riding style. 2 of the same bikes, but each with a distinctive style
  10. How have i not seen that thread before?! So simple, but does the job efficiently. Will be doing this exact method.
  11. I have been looking everywhere for this gauge relocation kit. I can only ever find the ridea one which looks similar to the lsl, but costs $300+ or the gilles which looks ugly. does anyone have a part number and price for the lsl gauge relocate kit?
  12. I wouldnt swear off bridgestone tires forever because of that comparison. The stock bt023 is a sport touring tire that is comparable to the pilot road (8-10k miles); pilot powers arent really a fair comparison. But... if u want amazing tires that dont last very long my favorite are the Dunlop Q3s. After i had those put on, i felt so confident that i went around picking fights with big dudes for no reason. Only lasts around 3-4k miles though.
  13. Itl be nice to see an official picture thread for the other colors too, but we all know white with the silver frame is the best one. [/a]

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