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  1. I've been good. Not been doing a whole lot with the bike, just been slammed with work and family stuff. But yea, still alive and kickin.
  2. Is that the FZ-07 in a Tenere setup? Sure sounded like it. The fuel tank would have to be a hell of a lot bigger lol.
  3. I'm all the way in Palm Springs, but wouldn't mind having a reason to rack up some miles.
  4. I have a Gopro Hero laying around in the box (box is a little beat up) that I don't use. It also has the weather-proof case with several sized backs, an extended battery and a view screen that attaches to the back. The camera itself and the extras are in perfect condition and in working order. I bought it from my looser brother-in-law because he was short on cash...basically found an excuse to give him money..without giving him money. I've never bothered to use it. Plus, I like my Drift HD ghost camera. Interested?

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