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  1. Haha. Pretty much. Been really busy lately.
  2. Same color. Nope. I used Griplock glue and it worked well for me.
  3. Those look like the same grips that I have on. Nice!
  4. i28

    Long-time Lurker

    Let's continue the round of insults... Welcome old man!
  5. I have the Penske double shock on my bike and like it. My forks have been revalved but there are tons of cartridge options (and lots of threads here discussing it).
  6. welcome to the club! enjoy the bike as far as mods, suspension is always nice but expensive
  7. i28

    New 2018 - MT07 Rider

    Welcome! Shiny side up!
  8. i28

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    haha. good to know. I'm about to pick up an XR100 for the go-kart track. Also, is it just me or does the center of gravity seem a little bit high on the Streetfighter 975?
  9. i28

    Sport Bike Newbie

    If you have the experience and take it easy, the FZ-07 can feel like a calm bike. Your braking may be a little bit different (more front brakes instead of 50/50 front/back). Overall, you'll enjoy it. Welcome!
  10. What a shitty situation. Especially since that person was just driving like an a-hole with no concern for others. It seems like worth slowing down right in front of others and having them slow down and get annoyed too in these kinds of situations.
  11. i28

    Hello from Kansas City

  12. i28

    New member

    Haha. Yep. We may or may not share the same first name.
  13. i28

    New member

    Welcome and congrats! Any chance you're from the LA area?
  14. i28

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    Can you talk about this a little more? What are the advantages? Did it change feel at all?

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