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  1. I've got those in the ti finish on my bike and they have been great. Adjusting the brake light was a pain, and I replaced the peg rubbers with OEM, because they wear out fast, and you definitely need to lock-tite all of the bolts, but beyond that, they have been rock solid. These don't have rubber on the pegs. Any suggestions for rubberized pegs that would work? I don't like how the metal is chewing up my boots.
  2. Installed rearsets to accompany the more sportier positioned handlebars.
  3. I would not go above E10 as that is what the manual says. How many miles have you run the E20 for?Ran about 150 miles of E85. Aside from not having the proper tune for it no issues. I wouldn't recommend it of course just for tuning's sake. But you have to remember that these are the same bikes sold in Brazil. They don't use different seals between US and Brazilian models, and E85 is pretty much what the country runs on.
  4. Did an oil change in anticipation of my Dragon and Moonshiner 28 run on the 31st. Couldn't find the full syntheic Rotella T6 I've been using in the weight I needed locally so I settled on a jug of T4 dino oil. Went with a Purolator One filter as it is on of the best you could buy for the Ninja 500. The FZ07 and the Ninja 500 uses the same type of filter so I went with what I knew.
  5. Any particular reason you're using this gadget? A lot pf peripheral lights or heated gear etc added to your bike...or simple curiosity? Couple reasons. I run a bit of underglow, as well as charge my phone and camera at the same time right now. Heated gear will be added before winter. And maybe some new lights. On top of that the FZ07 is still a relatively new bike with no figures on how reliable the charging system is long term. This will let me spot a problem before I wind up with a dead battery.
  6. Installed a voltmeter so I can monitor charging. Tied it to the ignition so it only kicks on when turned over. Fuse for scale.
  7. The slip on I chose because of how close it was to the stock color and the headers.
  8. I drilled it first. Still didn't get quite the sound I wanted so I replaced it with a 200 dollar ebay exhaust.
  9. The bike specifically states ethanol is safe in it. I even ran E85 one time. Ran rough as hell since it wasn't tuned for it. As far as fuel grade the manual states "YOUR YAMAHA ENGINE HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO USE REGULAR UNLEADED GASOLINE WITH A PUMP OCTANE NUMBER [(R+M)/2] OF 86 OR HIGHER, OR A RESEARCH OCTANE NUMBER OF 91 OR HIGHER." The US uses the first method for calculation. So if you're running stock pistons there's no need for anything over 86.ive only ever see 87 though so that's what I use.
  10. Did you get rid of the original bars? Originals bent slightly from Slipping on ice heading down hill.
  11. Switched back from the drag bars to the clubmans I have. Got an 8 hour trip planned for the 31st. Hoping these don't kill my back.
  12. robborboy

    Cheap Ebay exhaust.

    I am riding with an ebay setup. Works great.
  13. Exploded?! Did someone cram a potato in your pipe or what? Nah. It was carbon. Any carbon I've ever had be it on car or motorcycle eventually deteriorates and falls apart. In the case of my last one I guess it was in the straps and it just shot the tip off after a good rev and left frayed bits everywhere. ?
  14. Spiffy! What brand of mystery exhaust? Exactly that. A mystery. I bought a set of headers off Ebay and a generic slip on. Only set me back about $200. Sounds great too. I've had previous experience with brand name and no name and I'd rather save the money. The last Akro I for a different bike exploded and I just replaced it with a generic. Sounded a tad better imo and infinitely cheaper.

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