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  1. Does the new MT07 side panels match the FZ07? And would they fit?
  2. ninjaiceberg

    XSR 700 Looking Better All The Time

    I seriously thought about trading in my FZ for the XSR, but I've got too many changes on my bike that I don't want to rip out. They also would not match the XSR aesthetics
  3. I like the smaller scoops and the relocation of the front turn signals.
  4. Besides my FZ, I've been looking at the new HD softails or any one of the 125cc bikes. The new Harley's just intrigue me. The 125 would mainly be for commuting. My commute dropped to less than 4 miles each way, which I can do on surface streets.
  5. ninjaiceberg

    2018 YAMAHA XSR700

    I actually wanted the XSR700 first. I liked that it was retro. In my brain, motorcycles are fully faired or UJMs. I realize there are others, but growing up, that's my stereotypical view of bikes. I also am not a fan of the futuristic styling that bikes and cars are going towards, all angles and stuff.
  6. ninjaiceberg

    2018 YAMAHA XSR700

    ABS? I actually wanted the XSR700 before buying the FZ07. I was never the biggest fan of the FZ's aesthetics.
  7. For sure, tire pressure is the easiest thing to overlook. Hopefully it's as easy as adding air.
  8. I bought my Gen-x screen from her. Amazing service. Sad to see this news.
  9. ninjaiceberg

    Show me your turn signals!

    Lightech integrated lights type 2 up front. Lightech amber type 1 out back.
  10. ninjaiceberg

    FortNine - How Ride a Motorcycle in the City

    I actually really like FortNine's videos. His reviews are pretty in-depth.
  11. After riding the bike for a year and a half, I finally pulled the trigger on the Cyclops headlight. https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/7000-Lumen-H4-LED-Headlight-Bulb_p_169.html Also picked up LED turn signals for the front and back. Front: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/lightech-integrated-led-turn-signal-type-2 Back: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/lightech-integrated-led-turn-signal-type-1
  12. http://www.cycleworld.com/harley-davidson-street-rod-vs-yamaha-fz-07-comparison-motorcycle-review
  13. I just picked this up for summer use. My commute has dropped to 8 miles roundtrip. Just needed something to wear. http://www.bikebandit.com/riding-gear-and-accessories/jackets-vests/motorcycle-jackets/speed-and-strength-united-by-speed-armored-hoodie
  14. ninjaiceberg

    Bikes you wish you still had

    2004 SV650s. I didn't have time to fix it so I sold it to a coworker. Then bought my FZ.
  15. ninjaiceberg

    RIght hand falling asleep..

    I've had this happen to me the last few months. I started widening me grip on the handle bars. That helped a lot. So I might look into wider bars.

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