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  1. i was in the same exact same situation also. 35 brand new rider. fz07 is my first bike and I'm glad it was. still to this day iys enjoyable. lightweight and nimble. its very forgiving as long as you control the twist of the wrist...enjoy!
  2. 12ival

    Headlight Adjustment

    Thank you. Here's another question. Is there a way to turn on the headlight without first starting the engine? I'd like to adjust it now since it's dark, but my neighbors are surely asleep at 02:50. i believe you have to turn it on for the headlight to turn on. once you turn it on you can hit the kill switch right away but leave the key on and i believe the headlight will stay on. just don't take too long because it will drain your battery.
  3. 12ival

    Headlight Adjustment

    10mm socket
  4. i believe @pgeldz has the driventt rearsets. maybe he will chime in.
  5. If only someone would make a helmet or something that attaches to a helmet that makes a seal between the neck and the helmet that blocks the wind from rushing in. I can't imagine it being too hard to do, I have ideas myself. like an extended wind proof chin skirt.
  6. 12ival

    New Guy Debating Buying FZ07

    6'2" 235lbs here. no issues for me. i donn't care what i look like on the bike. it's too much fun to ride.
  7. it's music to my ears...lol ear plugs are good even without an exhaust because of helmet/wind buffeting.

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