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  1. azuryn

    Give away!

    Congrats on the brake line.
  2. azuryn

    Dropped the bike

    Same dumb crap happened to me. Sat on my bike to adjust mirrors then sort just fiddled with everything else to get it just right then decided I was finished and started getting off not realizing that my dumb ass left the stand up. What ensued was a super slow-mo drop as I am struggling to push it back up. After what seems to be an eternity it rests softly on my leg and I waited for a helping hand to lift the bike back up. My baby suffered not even a single scratch but my pride took a big hit. I think I should get a life alert in the likely chance it happens again.
  3. azuryn

    Give away!

    The suspense is killing me!
  4. azuryn

    Give away!

    Good luck to all you boys. I'm also eyeing up that blurple cage.
  5. Damn, that sucks. Hope your insurance lists it as not at fault. My last crash convinced me to always have my gopro running. Good luck dude.
  6. I'm a fan of the generic CNC aluminum China junk on eBay. They come in both shorty and long for a fraction of the cost and feel great.
  7. Might not even be worth it to go through insurance if that was all the damage the bike sustained. Panels are about 30 dollars and you can get a shifter replacement for about the same cost. Had the same thing happen to me back in March with ruined tail fender and tail light and a broken shifter pedal aswell as bent handlebars and I think it was under 300 dollars including a whole new LED taillight and some renthal ultra lows, but the broken collarbone was a separate issue. Bike is doing great atm, just a light battle scar on the crank case. Hope you aren't too shaken up and get her fixed up nice and easy.
  8. azuryn

    chain noise

    The chain is very noisy. Most have an aftermarket exhaust that drowns out that noise but even if you coast you can still hear it. Maybe clean it and lube and see if that helps but from my experience it is pretty normal.
  9. azuryn

    Underglow kit

    While not my cup of tea, I think there are piggy back options that you can just tap into a fuse on the bike so you don't need to solder anything actually on the bike.
  10. 2010 Ninja 250, I am just a baby.
  11. I agree, the forum looks perfect for me too now.
  12. Just switched to esurance, went down from about $99 a month with Progressive to about $75 with similar coverage. (SoCal)
  13. azuryn

    Wiring help

    There is a wiring diagram for the entire bike towards the end of the manual. It is a technical drawing so it is a bit difficult to follow.

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