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  1. rxSpeeD

    Cali pics

  2. rxSpeeD


    I tested my speedo against my friend's GPS and it was spot on. My top speed record is 135 mph with Akra TI no baffle/no snorkel/ECU tune.
  3. rxSpeeD

    Problem with rear lights.

    Have you checked the fuses?
  4. Sounds like fun, minus the coyote part. Ever since I first got my bike, I've always wanted to go on a long road trip. The longest distance I've ridden is from Los Angeles to Vegas on Thursday(270 miles) , riding around Friday and Saturday(around 300 miles, rode to Mt. Charleston, Red Rock, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire) , then riding back Sunday(270 miles). Total mileage of about 900 miles in 4 days. I want to ride to the east coast to New York and back this year and hopefully I get the opportunity to do it. One thing I've noticed on longer rides is how tiring my shoulders get. My butt is fine but the wind was killing me. I had a small cheap metal windscreen from eBay but that did nothing to help with the wind. Did you make any mods for comfort? Touring windscreen, heated grips, hand guards, etc?
  5. rxSpeeD

    uncorked Akra TI and engine vibes?

    Probably what crsnhppr said. I have the Akra TI with no baffle, and when I do a fly-by while riding with a friend, he says he can feel the exhaust in his chest lol. Especially in tunnels
  6. Which bike would you guys buy if you were to upgrade? The new Street Triple for $12.5k(MSRP) or new FZ-09 for $9k? http://www.triumphmotorcycles.com/bikes/roadsters-and-supersports/street-triple/2017/street-triple/variants/street-triple-rs https://yamahamotorsports.com/sport/models/fz-09 The Street Triple is $3,500 more than the FZ-09 but would you buy it and is it worth it? The Triumph has better suspension, brakes, and electronics, not to mention the quality. Not that the FZ-09 is bad quality. But at $12,500 MSRP, you're getting close to the price of 1000cc super nakeds. The maintenance and reliability of the Yamaha will probably be better, although the new Triumphs are not that bad. I want to know what you all think.
  7. rxSpeeD

    Bar-End Mirrors???

    https://www.amazon.com/CRG-ARROW-BAR-END-MIRROR/dp/B003RESHVU/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1492474194&sr=1-1&keywords=crg+arrow+bar+end+mirror https://www.amazon.com/Crg-CRG-Internal-Mirror-Adapter/dp/B000K7JD92/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1492474214&sr=1-1&keywords=crg+bar+end+mirror+adapter This is what I bought
  8. rxSpeeD

    Bar-End Mirrors???

    The money I've spent on 5 or 6 sets of cheap mirrors STILL don't equal the price of 1 CRG mirror, let alone the other mirror+adapters. But yea, the constant headache of buying new mirrors and the safety issues made me invest in quality mirrors, like CRG. In my defense, some mirrors I bought lasted a couple months, and the price tag of $10-$20 for a set is pretty attractive compared to the $220 I just spent on CRG.
  9. rxSpeeD

    Bar-End Mirrors???

    I've had eBay bar end mirrors ever since I bought my bike almost 2 years ago. They are a hit or a miss. I'm currently on my 5th or 6th set of mirrors. They always keep breaking. Some mirrors lasted a couple months, while some didn't even last 1 ride. I bought the same ones you linked for $20, which are knock off versions of the CRG Arrow mirrors and the left mirror broke the first ride. Tightening the screws did nothing. Also, they vibrate like hell at freeway speeds and keep folding in. I'm honestly done with eBay mirrors. I just ordered the CRG Arrow mirrors + adapters for around $220. I know that's a lot of money for some mirrors and I was hesitant to buy them but I'm tired of buying new ones. My friend has had his CRG mirrors on his Street Triple for 2+ years now and they still work just fine. I would honestly spend more money and get some better mirrors, unless you don't mind having to buy new ones every month.
  10. Hopefully I won't need a tune, I mean I'm going to once I get ahold of a spare ECU so I don't void my warranty but the wife didn't bless off on the tune just yet. I ordered the full carbon one (looked the best in my opinion). I just called and verified I ordered the right one.. Did you get the shiny stainless finish on the headers or the newer matte finish?
  11. Yoshimura only makes full systems for our bikes so your dealer is misinformed. Unless a slip on was secretly released that I don't know about. The yoshi pipe is pretty popular among fz07 owners since they are very good quality and sell for a lower price than other full systems. There are 2 finishes for the headers and 2 for the exhaust itself. There's the shiny stainless steel headers and the matte finish (called "works finish"). The exhaust has the cheaper stainless steel/carbon fiber tip option, or the more expensive full carbon fiber option. I believe you don't need a tune with the baffle in, but need/should tune if you're running without the baffle. I'm not 100% sure, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Yup, this is exactly what I did. Leave the plate in there and just pull the snorkel out. I emailed Nels about this and he said the same thing.
  13. rxSpeeD

    Tms seat cowl?

    I have a matte black one right now. It's pretty decent for how cheap it is. I didn't want to buy a seal cowl for $100+ so I bought this one from ebay. I had 1 small problem when it arrived though. The foam in the middle part was lifting up from the seat cowl, but I just used gorilla glue to glue it together. Problem solved. Another problem is that it shakes so much when riding. I occasionally mount my GoPro on there, and the footage is pretty shaky even with the stabilization on my Hero 5. I'm gonna cut some foam pieces to stop the shaking.
  14. rxSpeeD

    Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

    I thought about that too before I wrapped it, but I don't mind it now that it's finished.

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