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  1. 5tonfan

    Don't ever test ride a Ninja 1000

    I read this the day after a friend tells me about one for sale at a hell of a deal. Hmmmm coincidence or fate?
  2. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/yamaha/5ru-26246-00-00/b1216889?m=156986&sch=913254 Yep I stripped it when I tried to remove them. Looks like there is a thread locker on all of the threads, and way overtightened.
  3. Replacement bar ends after having to use vice grips when changing the throttle and grips out.
  4. 5tonfan

    Upside down dash

    Have seen the dealer screw up the dash before but only on one bike. I agree with everyone else that is not the place to have work done.
  5. This is a self limiting problem, hopefully he does not hurt anyone in the process and they do not waste resources on him so he can try again.
  6. 5tonfan

    For those against mandatory training

    If this guy was starting out he is wrong on so many levels.1 on a public road, 2 starting out leading into a curve. 3 on a bike that would appear too large for him to handle and scared him, 4. not knowing the controls. and that's just what I saw. Don't know wasn't there, might have been a drinking game or a way to get views and insurance?? Mandatory training would not have helped, how many people ride or even drive without a license on any given day. And for MSF you are given the option to return and try again, I know some who did not come back or were told by instructors that this was not for them, just my experience.
  7. Did a poker run, it was trying to rain the whole ride but only got sprinkles a few times. Found a few new roads too.
  8. Changed out the break fluid, wasn't too bad but was fun and needed to be done.
  9. When I started riding the FZ the engine braking coupled with the soft front suspension made the jerking sensation of the throttle even more pronounced. I rode dirt bikes when I was younger and don't remember the engine braking but that is youth. Now I have flashed and there is some braking for me in the lower gears but is not as squirrely when in the higher gears. It works for me even in the mountains, but it did take some time to get used to it when in traffic.
  10. Rode to the store between rain showers for marshmallow Peeps.
  11. Had the bike start with no issues or hesitation down to mid to low 40's F. My thought on getting a lithium battery was cost and weight. A new lead or agm cost was close, if not the same as an off brand lithium. The lithium is about 1/3rd the weight too so that helps in hauling my weight around . Since the OE only lasted 2 years and was not abused, if the new one lasts as long I broke even in my mind.
  12. Was going to say this. Some manufacturers state that regular chargers can be used on their LiFePo batteries if the desulfation mode can be turned off, but have read it is still not recommended because it doesn't balance the cells. I plan on getting the lithium battery charger so will pick one up soon.
  13. 5tonfan

    FZ-07 2017

    Not going for a full list find more thins to change, will add if you haven't added them sliders are cheap insurance.
  14. 5tonfan

    FZ-07 2017

    ECU flash and suspension were my best mods, still need to do a tail tidy but did take off the warning sticker.
  15. 5tonfan

    Tail of the Dragon

    I was there at the end of Oct and have to say for me it was worth the trip and will be heading back when I can. As for slow riders the only ones that did not move over was a couple of Harleys, but I'm sure some riders wanted me to move over and let them pass sooner. The Grom riders that were there when I was were insane, flat out insane.

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