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  1. @blackwoodz61 What did you use as the lens cover for your signals behind the seat?!?! 3D printed?
  2. Created a tire patch kit organizer for under the rear seat. Also a "Dash" cam with dedicated power. It's a cheap action camera so I don't think anyone will try to steal it.
  3. Noodles, I actually bot the socket bolt but zinc plated. I buy from McMaster because I get the parts next day :-P These were the ones I used: https://www.mcmaster.com/#=193eoib I need to make the time to get out and ride more! But tinkering is half the fun of owning the bike Looks great! Can I ask where you source your corrosion resistant bolts from?? The crap ones at big box stores rust the moment you walk out of the store. I'd rather use hex bolts than socket bolts. Also, I hit 17,000 yesterday!
  4. yeah, my hesitation with buying the lights from TRS was the fact that I wasn't sure about the light output. They're actually really bright in daylight.
  5. The Aux lights are from TRS (https://www.theretrofitsource.com/led-lighting/daytime-running-lights.html) They're not cheap but cheaper than Denali or other high end lights. I made the mounts from my 3d printer with Nylon which is more UV and temperature resistant. I mounted them using the bold that holds the front wheel cover to the fork tube. These are pretty light so I just bought a longer M6 Bolt to accommodate the light mount. Headlights were done a while back ago with parts from TRS also. I wish I had my 3d printer then because it would have come in handy for making the housing.
  6. Added some auxiliary lighting for more visibility. bbcode image link
  7. Took her out after rebuilding the front forks and ermax belly pan. Angeles Crest Hwy.

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