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  1. https://higdonion.com/products/trail-cage-and-skidplate-fz07
  2. higdonion

    %15 off!

    If you email me about it sales@higdonion.com I can still hook you up with one. I just pulled it down because it takes awhile to get lights in and I didn't sell many.
  3. higdonion

    %15 off!

    I've been having a hell of a time with photos.. that second one is certainly not the one i ment to post lol. Time for a new phone, this one is losing its marbles..... I'll have to get on the actual computer tonight and post some. Thanks!
  4. Use discount code thankyou for %15 off threw the end of Feb!
  5. The last give away was a success! And because it's the holidays I decided to do one more! The 15% off remains until dec 1st, but I'm going to give one more product of choice away in exchange for exposure. :Regram my Instagram posts :Share my Facebook posts :Share this forum post :Post about my stuff with in this and other forums. :Be Creative And Post Links Here To What You Have Done. I'm going to let the winner earn the win on this one By Putting In The Most Effort And Creativity! Instagram Facebook
  6. Yes, and I'm struggling to edit it also lol. I'll go back to welding now...
  7. Just use discount code (thankyou) Enjoy!
  8. Just use discount code (thankyou) Enjoy!
  9. higdonion

    Give away!

    The way I see it guys is I can pay people for advertisement who don't necessarily support me... Or I can spend that money giving you guys free stuff in exchange for exposure. So really thank you guys! In fact if you use the discount code (thankyou) all one word you'll get %15 off good untill Dec 1!
  10. higdonion

    Give away!

    Threw a hat draw a winner was chosen on fj-09.org but I plan on taking these brake lines off the site. I've never sold a single set. So digitalsteve if you would email me at sales@higdonion.com with shipping info, I'll send you these lines as a second winner!
  11. higdonion

    Give away!

    I'm loving the response guys! I'm gonna chose a winner this weekend!
  12. higdonion


    Oh nice idea! I'll see if I can get that done!

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