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  1. 1.6 Euro per liter for 95 octane gas. That's 7.07 USD per gallon.
  2. The passenger peg has a hole for a small metal ball which helps lock it in place either in the open or closed position. So the front pegs will not work in the back. Whether the rear peg will work in the front should be easy for you to test before placing an order. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to remove front and rear pegs on one side and try it.
  3. kyrtgr

    Unimpressed with the Akra Ti.

    Use it a little before doing changes that can't be taken back. When it is new, the packing is further suppressing sound but after riding a few days the sound starts getting louder as the internal packing gets burned. At least that is what happened to mine. After installation I could barely hear some difference to the factory exhaust but now, 300 km later, it is definitely sounding louder. Of course it will never be too loud with the db killer in place.
  4. kyrtgr

    2018 MT07 Headlight Conversion

    I like the 2018 a lot better except for the indicators relocation. Is it possible to keep the old plastics at the top and keep the original position of the indicators?
  5. kyrtgr

    Best windscreen?

    I used to have the tall one of ermax. The looks are not very good but the wind protection was excellent. After it broke in a collision that I suffered, I wanted something better looking and got the Dart Manta. After the first highway trip I removed it as I found my self getting too much air on the helmet. I currently have the touring windscreen from Puig and I'm quite happy. I like the looks/wind protection combo more than the other two that I tried. I'm 169 cm.
  6. kyrtgr

    Dainese quality. (or lack of)

    My dainese summer boots and jacket are like new after 4 years of use. As I also live in Athens, the summer gear is used close to 9 months per year. On the other hand I had dainese summer gloves fail after two years while my winter tucano urbano gloves are going strong 6 years now.
  7. kyrtgr

    Anyone know what this is for

    That's the diagnostic connection.
  8. Very nice thread but not a single photo. I'm having the same problem. Where is the Neutral switch assembly on the bike? Somewhere close to the front sprocket?
  9. kyrtgr

    Adding Rim Stripes

    I got these precurved quarter pieces. Installed them without removing the wheels. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-Rim-Tape-Reflective-Wheel-Stickers-Decals-Vinyl-Set-Kit-17-inch-17-/121446690615?var=420388860193&hash=item1c46c96f37:g:5VEAAOSw4YdY0VXW
  10. kyrtgr

    FZ 07 horn replacement

    I put the stebel magnum low tone. Plug and play at the factory mounting spot.
  11. I haven't received it yet. I ordered it a day before this post. I should receive it this week and test it in the coming weekend. However I'm pretty sure that the torque app (which I also use with the car) doesn't support bikes. The guy selling the adaptor suggested OBD car doctor by PNN
  12. kyrtgr

    Balance or not?

    Definitely balanced
  13. I already have a bluetooth OBD2 connector for the car, so a couple of days ago, I ordered this OBD2 adapter I plan to use it only to read/delete errors. I'll be able to give more info after I receive it and test it.
  14. kyrtgr


    speedo showed 106 kph when my phone's gps showed 100 kph

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