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  1. The stock exhaust which reminded me of an angry sewing machine was my only complaint about the FZ-07. I installed a full Yoshimura exhaust system shortly after purchasing my bike, and I couldn't be happier with the sound and sensation it provides while riding. However I will soon be moving from Oregon to Irvine California, where they have stricter noise and pollution laws in place (there are none where I live now). I am worried about my FZ-07 being street legal in California. If I have to get rid of my exhaust system and have another factory exhaust installed in its place I'll be very disappointed. Does anybody have experience with California motorcycle emission laws? Will I have to get my bike inspected since it is made after 2013? Will I be forced to install the factory heavy, dull exhaust with catalytic converter? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thank you for your time.
  2. JuggernautOfWar

    Headlight Adjustment

    10mm socketThank you. Here's another question. Is there a way to turn on the headlight without first starting the engine? I'd like to adjust it now since it's dark, but my neighbors are surely asleep at 02:50.
  3. Simple question. What size socket is needed to adjust the headlight up or down? My headlight is aimed basically into the pavement. Riding home tonight on a rural highway was pretty sketchy with barely any light, I had to cruise with high beams on even with traffic.
  4. JuggernautOfWar

    Need some advice on mirrors.

    Looks like the total cost for the bar end adapters and mirrors is about $275. That's definitely a bit pricey! What tools would I need to remove the stock mirrors and install the new ones? I've got a set of hand tools but nothing fancy.
  5. JuggernautOfWar

    Need some advice on mirrors.

    If I buy two CRG Arrows from Revzilla will I need anything else like adapters or mounts?
  6. I've sat on my bike and tried to find a sweet spot with the factory stock mirrors. Not sure why, but it seems no matter where I position them all I see is my shoulders/arms and not traffic behind me. I always have to lean my body to the side of the mirror to see around my arms, which obviously makes checking my surroundings kind of a pain in the butt. Should I just buy some aftermarket mirrors of some kind? I'm hesitant because I don't want something that looks out of place on the bike, and honestly I'm not sure if I have the tools and know-how required to replace them. Thoughts?

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