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  1. I think that there have been many good points raised in this thread. Points that have experienced riders considering alternate points of view and that's a good thing. It seems as though something very important has been overlooked however and that's Blake. A new rider approaching a group of seasoned motorcyclists, sincerely seeking advice. At this point Blake has posted 3 times over a week ago and seems to have left the conversation. He may also have left the group and maybe even motorcycling. I hate to think that He's been turned off of bikes because of what probably looks like bickering to him. I hate even more to think that He's out there on his own trying to figure things out by himself.
  2. Certainly can't argue with that.
  3. Congrats on picking a great bike! You mentioned mods and how not to die, training was already covered so I'll move on to mods. My favorite mod is also something that I believe makes an MT07 a better beginners bike and easier to learn on. I would recommend looking into a computer re-flash , I had 2wdw do mine and I love it. https://fz07.org/forum/52/wheel-dynoworks-mail-ecu-flashing/ My bike is stock except for the flash and it is so much smoother now and the excessive engine braking is all but gone! It has allowed me to focus on things like cornering while knowing that the bike will be predictable. If you put out some more background information about your preferences and riding aspirations I'm sure that you'll get a lot of great feedback from the members and admins here on this forum.
  4. angus

    Father's Day Sale!

    I've got the stock exhaust and the flash has made my bike so much smoother, so much better. I wasted a year debating before I sent my computer in. Well it wasn't a total waste, it made me appreciate the results that much more. I'm looking at pipes now. I'll likely go with what 2WDW recommends for my style and I'll get re-flashed for the cost of shipping!
  5. I used rubberized non slip floor tape on my ZRX, It's the darker tape in the picture. It covers the nasty purple factory stripe and it handles contours well.
  6. angus

    FZ07 is beating me

    Thank you Gregjet, that was a thoughtful and well presented bit of hard earned wisdom that you shared. The second picture really gave me something to think about.
  7. I've heard that some instructors teach new riders to use vehicles as blockers when crossing intersections. Looks like a pretty good idea.
  8. angus

    Tax return sale!

    I think that you'll be very happy with your decision.
  9. angus

    Tax return sale!

    I had 2WDW flash my totally stock FZ and it's the best thing that I could have done for the bike. It is so much smoother and more pleasant to ride, plus the obnoxious engine braking is essentially gone.
  10. I once saw a very used jacket on Ebay. It was described as having "Street cred" It was the style of jacket often associated with BMW motorcycles. The seller stated that BMW groups often ignore riders with less than 100,000 miles behind them or even on their odometer. This jacket looked like a 100,000 mile garment because it was. It was torn and no longer weather proof but it sold for a large sum. Somewhere a newbie was about to be accepted. One day I saw a brand new FZ-07 being ridden by a young man with a full set of brand new gear riding a few miles away from the dealership. His jacket told as much of a story as the old tattered one did. As for me, my jacket looks quite rough but I spot clean bugs and dirt off of my bike. I even dust the rims before a ride but my jacket might have a sand fly from last year on it. Just remember that all three of the jackets, my jacket, the old jacket, and the new jacket are being worn by smiling motorcyclists.
  11. I'm somewhat interested in the Sena, has anyone gone for the helmet?
  12. Okay so what if I go with the snorkel on but the lid off and I still have the warning sticker on my gas tank..... (The guys at 2WDW are very patient, don't ask me how I know)
  13. SLUG said, "Dang, much respect to you old geezers still riding at 50+, hopefully motorcycles still light that fire in me when I'm that age. I can't even imagine what bikes will be like when I'm 50." That reminds me of the reaction I get when I walk into the local skateboard shop. I'm over 50 and I was skating before the kids behind the counter were born. Some of them ignore me somewhat, others ask how old the kid is that I'm buying gear for. Once they realize that I actually still ride my long board they usually warm up to me.
  14. Only that I'm too old to even add a quote to a post correctly

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