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  1. Putting mine in for next time lol
  2. rocco


    I commuted on a ninja 500 for a few years and then bought a naked sv1000. The fz07 feels like their love child stealing all the good qualities from both. I did a few things to the 500 and she was more than capable. I did lots to the sv1000 and could not keep the front wheel down and only came out of 2nd on the highway. Best of both worlds on the fz!
  3. Has to be all the powder coating. I sometimes just sit and stare at the girl.
  4. I'm trying to live not corner the best line on my commute. Riding this weekend with some buddies and I was up front. A1a is the beach route and it is only 35mph or so but has a few blind turns and the streets are 2 lane with opposite directions. There are also tons of bicyclists that take up space as well. I slowed for the blind turn until I knew it was safe. My buddy asked me later why I took that corner so slow as he knows I can lean much better. I explained I had no idea what was on the other side of those trees and didn't want to find out the hard way. None of us are Rossi so lets stay safe and have fun!
  5. Looks pretty cool!! Looks my 2003 sv1000...I don't want to replicate it lol
  6. With you on the "gut feelings". I usually say a prayer and act extra aware. I no longer ride when angry as I'm clouded. My ritual since I got my first bike 10 years ago is tapping the tank 3 times after I start her up. Kinda like petting a horse before the journey. Weird but oh well!
  7. Nuts!!!! I only use yamaha on my fz but I've used k&n on other bikes simply for the "nut" on the end. Sucks. World class air filters...garbage oil filters
  8. I love decent priced gear, bought these on Amazon. Best feature is they have "vents" in the knuckles and are really cool while riding. Hands were melting in my full leathers down here in south Florida! Sized as normal so I wear a large. Colors match my red bike perfectly!
  9. It really depends on my mood! 2nd is good at nice and loud but 4th is my favorite long cruise gear.
  10. That's awesome!!!!! I have always wanted to do a track day! Not thrilled about risking my beauty and have been looking for a cheap ninja 300 to throw around!
  11. Gear Heads is a facebook group that features a bike daily or sometimes weekly. I was lucky enough to be chosen! No scenery needed, just sitting in my driveway looking pretty!
  12. Did anyone have to flush out the system or just drain and replace with engine ice?
  13. Thanks for the replies!!! I called pro bolt themselves and he said torque to spec and loctite a smidge if I feel like it but it will be fine. I just hope the stock one comes off one last time to be replaced!
  14. Well, yes, because plain means not decorated and your bike doesn't appear to be decorated. Is there something I'm not seeing? Don't get me wrong, it's a great bike. All good! Besides I suppose a sticker I have done quite a bit. That's the beauty of bikes, make them the way you like. Now my 1980 cb750 is anything but plain
  15. You think mine is plain jane? Lol

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