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  1. eraser8

    Axle Lock Nut Size

    Second that too. Please, read this topic about what happen when the nut goes stuck on the shaft! https://fz07.org/thread/4990/rear-wheel-axel-nut-torque
  2. Hi I bought it from PJsparts.com. Paige is wonderfull. I really suggest to buy it from her, plus, this is the lowest price I found on the market last year.
  3. eraser8

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Hi 2WDW, Dod you have the tuning programmation for a FZ-07 2015 with a MIVV Oval carbon? THanks
  4. I did it to mine. If you look the sound improvement VS the price, it an awesome mod. But I found the sound to be a little annoying to my ears. there is a high pitch in it and it was not very funny on long ride.... Now I have a MIVV OVAL CARBON for a cheap price vs others exhausts and it is totally AWESOME. nothing to do with the 6 hole mods.

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