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  1. pattybags

    Best helmets under $200

    +1 for Bell Qualifier. I have one and love it. Revzilla tells you the head shape too which is very helpful.
  2. So for the sprockets..... OEM sprockets are 43T in the rear and 16 in the front? What are the best brands for sprockets? JT? Ultralite? My internet sleuthing leads me to believe that X-ring chains are more efficient at transferring power to the wheel... and they last longer.... is this true?
  3. pattybags

    Black widow exhaust

    Friggin love it. 6k miles on the exhaust. Looks and sounds like the day I bought it. No regerts. LOL
  4. pattybags

    How much for exhaust

    Dead serious. They're based out of the UK. I'm sure the Akra and Yoshis might be better, but for 3-4x times the price, I'm not so sure anymore LOL. The full tune cost me double what the exhaust cost me. I've had the exhaust for over 5k miles, couldn't be happier.
  5. pattybags

    How much for exhaust

    Black Widow Exhaust all the way. I paid $215 for a full exhaust. I gained 5 bhp on the dyno after a full tune. And it sounds sick.
  6. Always listen to your gut. That "gut feeling" has helped us survive since the beginning of human life.
  7. pattybags

    FZ-07 Shrike Bag Mount Pictures

    Would this still fit if we have a Corbin seat?
  8. New for 2018.... the Yamaha Venture. How bout dah? http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/yamaha-introduces-star-venture?src=SOC&dom=fb#page-2
  9. pattybags

    Cheap Exhaust.

    Check out Black Widow Exhausts. I wouldn't call it "cheap" though. "Inexpensive" might be a better adjective.
  10. pattybags

    SICK FZ07

    Oh come on, leave him alone, he's excited. But yeah man, if you're gonna call your FZ-07 sick, you gotta come with something over the top. Like this dude's paint job... multiple image upload Who's bike is this anyway?
  11. pattybags

    New FZ-07 owner from NJ

    Welcome to the forum! Manalapan NJ here, originally from Brooklyn. Enjoy the bike. Lots of nice roads in NJ =) Brooklyn, not so much.
  12. pattybags


    Sea Foam?
  13. Service guy recommended changing spark plugs. Checked the owners manual and I should have done that 1200 miles ago. Anyways, I'll report back next week after the plugs are changed.
  14. What do you guys think about this? After a cold start when I leave the engine idling, the RPMs slowly decrease until the engine cuts out. I read the instruction manual. I know about the engine cut off after 20 minutes. This happens after about a minute or two. And it doesn't happen after the bike is warmed up. Hmmm...
  15. I never even heard of FZ-07 when I bought it. I had just gotten my license and I was shopping around. Told the sales guy I was looking to buy my first bike. He pointed me in the direction of the FZ-07. When I sat on it, it fit me like a glove. Then he told me the price, and the rest was history.

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