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  1. vroomvroom

    my tracer.

    I plan on test riding a tracer 900 gt once they are available here. There's a good likelihood I will upgrade
  2. I do the same, but with kerosene. It gets those wheels shiny and smooth quickly
  3. She's fine as is, but put aftermarket clip ons on it for more lean... Definitely respring her for your weight... Your height should not be an issue
  4. vroomvroom

    XSR 700

    The tank cutouts were wrong for me. I have long legs. The FZ07 doesnt have this problem...i was really not expecting this, and am disappointed because i really like the styling.
  5. vroomvroom

    XSR 700

    I am in the US. I sat on it at the show in ohio this past weekend.
  6. vroomvroom

    XSR 700

    Well, I sat on the XSR700 today. It was beautiful, but felt cramped. (I am 6'2" for comparison) ...will stick with the FZ07.
  7. vroomvroom

    Hello! New member with plenty of questions!

    What color did you get? There is a big help section of this forum with writeups and videos on how tos. There is also a lot of info here on after market upgrades with lots of rider experience behind it. Welcone to the forums. Pics when you can.
  8. facebook image uploader I added a removable usb charger.
  9. Stuff rags into pipe, airbox, and any other nooks and crannies critters might be interested in.
  10. Also the first rule of the Zombie Apocalypse I enjoyed reading your story on motorcyclist. Keep at it!
  11. vroomvroom

    Sena 20s

    Bought a sena 20s. This has revolutionized the ride for me. Being able to have turn by turn navigation in native google maps, and being able to talk with my wife (at home) while on a ride has made this enjoyable addiction even better.
  12. Yeah I've been around and I agree. Yellowstone would be one I want to do on a bike you could hit up a few National parks in that area but Yellow stone is so far my favorite National Park of course you would be a easy snack for the animals on a bike lol Remember. You dont have to outrun the bear, you just have to outride your buddy.
  13. I love it. It took a great bike and made it awesome.
  14. vroomvroom

    Rear brake switch driving me nutz

    Sadly, in time the vibration of the bike may loosen that plastic nut...however, this is the correct way to resolve this issue. I keep an eye on mine...ive had to retighten it several times back into desired spec...it has stayed in place the last few rides.
  15. What is your rider weight including gear?

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