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  1. bikelife38

    Interesting documentary

    could not agree more. those bikes were corny AF. it was almost exciting to see how much worse the next one would be. and btw...did you mean Indian Larry?
  2. bikelife38

    Bikes you wish you still had

    one bike in particular comes to mind- my 03 ktm 250sx. thing was an absolute animal. sold it in 2008 and regretted it ever since
  3. bikelife38

    How To: GP Shift on the FZ-07

    haha touché. I will add though, gp shift with a quickshifter on the track is the bees knees. I did two trackdays and was like yea I need all that. prob my favorite things ive done to the bike
  4. bikelife38

    How To: GP Shift on the FZ-07

    can it be placebo? probably to someone less experienced. however, it is something that is inarguably beneficial. I bet every rider in every major racing organization uses this shift pattern. I don't think its a coincidence. I only know of 4 people including myself that use this pattern and all of us either race or do trackdays. is it necessary? not really but it makes for faster, more effortless up shifts.
  5. bikelife38

    How To: GP Shift on the FZ-07

    Q: was something changed?A: yes Q: were any parts modified? A: yes Q: is it beneficial?A: very

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