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  1. Do you have a link to what you are talking about? That would probably help.
  2. AlbatrossCafe

    Is it worth it to do an ECU flash from home?

    Unless you have several bikes that you need a flash on and want to put in a decent amount of extra work, don't bother with the DIY kit. If it is just your FZ, mail it in.
  3. So you are saying you were just sitting there cruising, and without ANY hands on ANY brake levers, the front just randomly when FULL lock at 80mph? Or was it a slight brake? I've never heard of a brake go from 0 to 100 without any input.
  4. Does that FZ have an extended swingarm? With that, my 1st gear would become even more unusable at WOT... would need to have taller gearing. I would probably do it though. Assume $3k for kit and $1k for installation.
  5. So you only put in like 2.2 gallons? I lose out on a lot of gas if I only do that.
  6. AlbatrossCafe

    Grab handles and Corbin seat

    Can you post a link to the grab handles?
  7. AlbatrossCafe

    2015 Fz-07 with Mods

    "Done" does not exist FYI
  8. AlbatrossCafe

    FZ 07 or Street Triple

    I test rode the street triple before the FZ. Definitely faster in a straight line, but the riding position was very tiring for me. I was on it for 10 minutes and my arms were sore (I'm 6'2"). The FZ I can ride for a long time and still be comfortable. I put slightly lowered bars on it so I'm not straight up and down, but I'm also not putting all my weight on my arms. The FZ was 2/3 the price and is cake to work on it. Also I like the sound better
  9. RIP. I had to buy a new Akra carbon can recently and it was like $350
  10. More like 3 times in one day. My least favorite among the couple 4x4 groups I'm in is "how big of a tire can I fit with no lift?" Facebook is good for scheduling meet-ups or sharing pictures. FZ07.org is for tech discussion
  11. AlbatrossCafe

    Best MPG/Tank Range Competition

    Wow.... I think you win lol. Going only 60-70 KPH means you probably rode close to 5 hours at that speed for this tank. That's discipline right there.
  12. AlbatrossCafe

    Helmet Lock

    That helmet lock would be a great solution if it used the original key. Also if it was not SEVENTY FIVE dollars. I hate the OEM helmet lock situation. It is so bad. Worst thing about this bike by far.
  13. AlbatrossCafe

    Best MPG/Tank Range Competition

    I can only do this challenge about once a year. It is SO absolutely boring and tough to not wanna twist that throttle even once. Like @faffi said, 40mph and 6th gear would be ideal. But driving for 6-7 hours straight like that to get to the end of your tank would be a death sentence.
  14. AlbatrossCafe

    Best MPG/Tank Range Competition

    Wow! That blows me out of the water! You must have some kind of secret Canadian technology. Unfortunately because of forum settings I can't update the OP ;(
  15. AlbatrossCafe

    Best MPG/Tank Range Competition

    I'll start, but I know I can be beat! Total miles: 207.5 Reserve miles: 40.9 Gallons Gas used: 3.346 Indicated MPG: 58.2 Calculated MPG: 62.01 MPG factors: Commuted 50 miles (90% highway) for 4 days. Positives are summer blend gas, ECU flash + Akra carbon exhaust, and self control. Negatives are that I'm 6'2" 220lbs with no windscreen. I feel like I could have gone another 5 miles or so. I am pretty sure I have put in 3.4+ gallons before. Wasn't sputtering yet haha

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