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  1. I’ve had the TST for over a year, so far so good
  2. c3tkeyo

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    @logankh there are quite a few YouTube vids on how to do this, little trick I picked up was using tubing to get the plugs started. I posted a video on this thread April 7th a super easy way to get the coil packs out. It saves a ton of time and hand mangling.
  3. c3tkeyo

    Help reading tire wear

    Watched this last night, pretty interesting
  4. @aiian see my post from May 27, 2017 took me about 30 seconds to get the baffle out.
  5. c3tkeyo

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    @mjh937 Use the technique I used to get the caps off, worked like a champ. I posted a video on this thread April 7th.
  6. c3tkeyo

    Help Me Choose a new Exhaust.

    Akra Ti - 2WDW Flash - snorkel yanked Totally different bike
  7. c3tkeyo

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    I let them go way to long 13,680 miles Didn’t check the gap, should have done that in hindsight. When I do them again at 20,000 I’ll check the gap.
  8. c3tkeyo

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Changed the plugs today, thanks to everyone that posted how to do it. Thanks to cndnmax for the zip tie idea, I used a thin cord loop to get the coil out. Made the toughest part from what I read pretty painless. No mangled hands! Made this video because nobody else has shown this step. My first YouTube video so cut me a little slack, my helpers are the highlight for sure. $6.99 spark plug socket from autozone worked like a champ Might need to do them sooner next time... Really appreciate all you FZ-07.org homies for posting tech tips. Happy to not have to pay a shop to do the work!
  9. Looks like 4th gear is still twitchy.... guess I’ll do it again
  10. Finally got around to this, seems like it’s working now.
  11. Thanks NorCal! l’ll get back in there this weekend.
  12. Should have asked this before but how exactly do I clean it properly? Didn’t want to unscrew it since I wasn’t sure what would potentially come pouring out. Front sprocket and chain guide guide are clean now at least
  13. c3tkeyo

    New exhaust

    https://fz07.org/forum/20/yamaha-fz-07-ecu-reflash/ everything you need to know on the thread above. If you’re going to take the time to upgrade exhaust may as well get everything out of your bike you can. ECU flash makes it a totally different bike, coupled with new exhaust you’ll be stoked. Before I bought my exhaust I reached out to 2WheelDyno to confirm what I’d already researched. Akra Ti exhaust and 2WDW flash is the best setup.
  14. Haven’t gotten to it yet, been traveling a ton for work. Next rainy weekend it’s on the list, which should be soon since I live in Portland
  15. Thanks man, I’ll clean it up this weekend.

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