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  1. I am 24 years old, Single and several accidents & tickets on my record.. My previous policy was like $1500+ for the year.. after my deposit I was paying $95 a month for full coverage with a $1000 deductible through direct insurance. F*CK THAT!!!!! I got smarter this time around! Since my father and I have the same name I had him insure the bike in his name and since he is a married homeowner over 25 years old full coverage is only $406 for the year and my payment is only $38 a month with a $100 deductible w/ progressive since my dad is a USAA member HOLY CRAP I AM A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!
  2. rsike

    2w2d sale?

    I guess it was a misunderstanding.. Never mentioned anything about being a member of the forum.. That was just the price they gave me from the jump which is why I was confused
  3. rsike

    2w2d sale?

    When I called they told me they had military discount... I sent in my ECU and when they called me they refused to offer a military discount.. Saying that $315 is an already discounted price and it's regularly $350 (which I have NEVER heard anyone pay and on the website it CLEARLY says $319... But at that point they already had my ECU so didn't really have a choice.. just had to accept that. I am definitely not a fan of their customer service.. but my ECU should get here either today or tomorrow so we'll see how it goes. I really expected them to be more military friendly.. guess they just don't care. Hindsight I should have went the flashtune route since it's only a fraction more in price and you can fully customize to your liking and flash as many times as you would like.
  4. Yoshi r77 best bang for your buck hands down I'll debate anybody... Baffle out is sweet music to your ears
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-Steering-Damper-Motorcycle-Stabilizer-For-Honda-Yamaha-R6-R1-MT07-FZ07-FZ09-/252662281862?hash=item3ad3d87686:g:zSgAAOSwmmxW6hyL&vxp=mtr Seems really scary to me considering the gpr stabilizer is like $600 but I mean you think it makes a difference for $30? I doubt any of you have purchased this product.. Should I take one for the team?
  6. There's just something about the Daytona 675r that I lust after :/
  7. rsike

    Yoshimura Full Exhaust in California

    Yeah I was highly concerned about the same thing having bought my bike in texas and trailering it to cali.. So far, have not had any problems so far with the r77 system.. Love the sound. I recommend baffle in just so you have a little better peace of mind, slight performance increase as well.
  8. I got one ticket when I first got my fz.. 91 in a 60 (got differed and had to do defensive driving) After that I stopped pulling over. Every time the cops flash me I take off now. FZ is definitely fast and nimble enough.. Ive gotten away like 5-6 times now (knock on wood). It probably helps that there is a "no chase law" for motorcycles in my city
  9. Wow man that looks great!!!! I've been thinking about getting a wrap done... It's only a few pieces but I know wraps tend to be pretty pricey.. How much did this set you back if you don't mind me asking??

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