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  1. @Beemer not sure. Ride was cramped and uncomfortable after riding the FZ1 for 22k miles. The FZ-07 is a treat still though, because it’s so damn nimble and easy to handle.
  2. jeffkisthename

    Aerostich Fitting/Ordering experience. Post Here.

    @JanM thanks for that honest review. That's what I'm talking about!
  3. jeffkisthename

    Aerostich Fitting/Ordering experience. Post Here.

    Thought about that, but I wish we had someone in the bay area who is my size who would let me try theirs on haha.
  4. jeffkisthename

    Aerostich Fitting/Ordering experience. Post Here.

    Not ride, I'd be flying there from California. I told the wife we can go visit Mall of America and all that, but Aerostich is about 2-2.5 hours from Minneapolis.
  5. Well, technically the FZ series came first right? The FZ1 dates back to 2001...
  6. Hello community! How many of you have Aerostich One Piece Suits? What was your ordering experience like? I've looked at their fit chart and per my height, Aerostich says to order a 42S, but per my weight, Aerostich directs me to 44S. I'm almost compelled to want to take a trip to Duluth, MN and get fitted by one of their specialists, as this is an expensive suit, and I want to get it right the first time. I will be doing alterations as well (ie: forward rotated sleeves, lower back ellipse, knee slider velcro). I'm dead set on getting a suit, and I know contacting Aerostich or going there for fitting is my best bet, but in the mean time, I wanted to read the experience of our community to pass the time. What did you regret ordering or not ordering? What would buy the suit again? All that Jazz. Me myself, I want the Roadcrafter R3 in black on black with reflection (not the stealth model).
  7. jeffkisthename

    Freeze-out Gear

    I use Freeze-Out myself. I'm going to have to replace some items due to everyday wear, but I think they do a solid job for how cheap in price the gear is.
  8. jeffkisthename

    New exhaust

    I like it. I'd like to throw one of those cans on my Akra header...
  9. jeffkisthename

    Street Legal FZ-07R Build

    Yea, I've been thinking about doing a street FZ07R. I hope the OP is okay as well. I would love to see them finish this build.
  10. jeffkisthename

    PR4's vs T30's Anyone got a preferance?

    I've had both. If any wet riding, I'd prefer the PR4s. I feel the T30s are just as good if not better in the dry. The PR4s will have more thread life.
  11. jeffkisthename

    got me an FZ-07

    Love the black. Welcome to the family/community.
  12. jeffkisthename

    Crashed My Baby. *Pics inside*

    Glad you're alright. On a positive note. More mods...haha
  13. jeffkisthename

    Kawasaki Z900RS Unveiled

    I like it. The seat looks super comfy haha.

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