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  1. Different people - different habits. I never check MPG on a motorcycle, I know only what I have to spend about $5 on a gas every Friday and I am happy with it. I ride trough the city everyday, so 2-3-4 gears is common, engine works usually in 3000-5000 rpms range. I feel myself uncomfortable when I can't teleport from somebody's blind spot in a second or two. With 5-6th gears my body don't feel any "g-forces" from accelerating, some people feel the "hard pull" from 35mph on a fifth gear, I feel this like a rocking baby before sleep. 5-6th gears are rare used by me for relaxed enjoying by exploring of some local roads outside the city.
  2. Thanks! The Dart looks really unique and I think it complements the naked aesthetic more than any of the others. I prefer the Conquistador helmet look to the Pope hat look of some of the other options. Also the idea of a good looking smaller windscreen which might actually eliminate wind blasts to the helmet at high speeds makes me hopeful. Aside from the Madstad (which I can't afford) this looks like the best option so far.Here is a some recommendations to make FZ-07 light tourier: MC Online I personally, add to this mods givi handguards and remove comfort seat (because I am good with stock one) but givi handguards remove a lot of wind noise
  3. Big thanks! The reason why my blinkers project was still in my "wish list", because of DRL. I tried to find schema how to utilize relay to invert flashing of LED blinkers. This "Blinker Genie" is small enough to hide behind front light assembly. I'll definitely give a try to replace my orange pumpkins.
  4. ogri

    Hi from Miami, FL, USA

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KRQVW68/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 amazon
  5. ogri

    24 hour clock?

    What do you mean wasn't correct about cable? My bike had it, I am not sure about using it, but it was under my seat. Maybe yours was stolen/forgotten by the "stealership"?
  6. ogri

    How to: FZ-07 throttle body sync

    Hi, Last month, I have got a quote from local bike shop for replacing spark plugs and for syncing of throttle bodies. They asked me the price for this kind of job is $220. I am not a hardcore person to manually create an oil tubing "tool" to "adjust" vacuum pressure. I just bought the right tool for the right job. "Vacuum Carburetor Synchronizer for 2 Cylinder Bike" costs about $31 on amazon.com, OEM spark plugs $20 for pair at the dealership. Rent all tools and a lift for one hour at "Garage-YourSelf" - $25 per hour. I spent 1.5h because of non rush chatting with nice "garage" owner and, good music and owners cat playing around. I didn't have those 20 nice photos from internet, just couple text pages from yamaha service manual. So, job done with pleasure and I spent only $88 (plus tool I will keep for next bikes). Bike definitely became smoother. The same level of vibrations has moved towards more higer speeds (10-20mph higher) then it was before. I am not sure about pictures I saw here in the forum, I do not notice any "T" connectors on first TBody. Vacuum sensor should be connected to the vacuum line and ECU all the time, or this adjusting is worth nothing. Our engine has two throttle bodies and only one vacuum sensor on a left (factory adjuted body) and ECU has program only for one body and thinks that second body has absolutely the same settings as first one. If you doing your adjusting with disconnected sensor I am not sure that you are adjusting. I am attaching high-resolution pictures from the service manual: T-Connector I mentioned above: ---8<--- cut from service manual ---8<--- ---8<--- end of cut ---8<---
  7. ogri

    24 hour clock?

    Just check Sun position on a sky. The manual is correct.
  8. ogri

    Hi from Miami, FL, USA

    Givi Easy Lock System. It is semi-hard and semi-soft saddlebags. I have this bags more then one year now, I have no garage or any kind of roof and those bags never come off of my motorcycle and they are still keeping black color and factory shape. Previous soft-luggage bags have lost their color and starts to rips here and there (because of everyday UV + rains). Soft luggage lasts 5-6 months of everyday usage, but costs 3/4 of price of this Givi's, so I decided not to spent money on soft luggage anymore.
  9. Hey mate, the dealer took the pegs off as I registered it as a single rider as it's cheaper, I've have since taken the whole peg brackets off as well. 2017 high output model in Australia now has ABS which is good, the restricted model always had it for some strange reason. clear signals are standard on our models over here I'm pretty sure, I really like them, if they were orange I would have replaced them by now. wow! nice country law... Can I trow away all passenger seats from my car to make it cheaper to register? Do your front turn signals work as DRL as well? or Australia doesn't have them? I am looking for some good clear LED turn signals, but I want to make them as DRLs and to blink in inverse as turn signals. Still did not find any good looking pieces.
  10. ogri

    New owner from MA

    Welcome... I came off CB500X, own my fz07 for about two years, no regrets. (sent hello today FZ-07 from Mia,FL :-))
  11. Unfortunately, North America (USA and Canada) gets the giant pumpkins because of our regulations. Europe, Australia, Asia, etc... get the clear ones you see here on yimmiy's bike. Our giant pumpkins are turn signals and DRL on the front and just turn signals in the rear. The clear ones yimmiy has are just turn signals front and rear. Wait a minute... I checked 2017 Triumph Street Triple 675 just last week in person, it has clear turn signals. I saw 2016 (or 2017?) Suzuki SV650, has clean signals too. It is weird USA regulations, if turn signal blinking with amber it should fit any regulations and doesn't matter which color when it off.
  12. Hi, good choice Jimmy, just noticed from your picture: bike has ABS, you removed rear passenger pegs and your bike have got clear turn signals. Are those turn signals OEM or you have replaced them? Because my 2015 USA model has huge orange pumpkins instead of those on your picture.
  13. Hi everybody! I own my FZ-07 almost two years. I bought it brand new from a stealership. It is my third bike. Two years is longest period I have not changed one bike to another. But anyway, sometimes I have new motorcycle "itch". I ride this bike almost 265 days per year. Yes, it is my day-to-day urban commuter. From time to time I ride on weekends here and there just for fun. Longest ride is about 300 miles per day. Last month I had two Yamaha demo-rides. I have tried YZF-R3 and FJ-09. R3 has impressed me how precise and easy it is coming into a corners like a "knife through the butter" but impressions have disappeared when road become straight. R3 doesn't have any juice after 40-45 mph, you can twist your wrist twice around throttle grip but nothing happens to make any emotions. Same day I took FJ-09, almost stalled engine at first roll-off, realized that triple doesn't have as meaty torque at low revs as my 07 has. The FJ-bike was in STD-mode and city riding was perfectly fine and smooth, but mind transformation from FZ-07 to FJ-09 it is like to drive 3.0L car with automatic gearbox after driving 2.0L one with manual shifting stick, you know that power is exist but it is somewhere far away from city usable RPMs. The fun has ended when I hit 50+ mph at straight stitch. The FJ's screen creates terrible air turbulence (or buffeting?), so I wished to have my earplugs in my ears instead of having them in my pocket. I have got good and bad experience from these test rides and I "fall in love" to my naked FZ-07 again. No more stupid comparisons, let's look at pictures of my "second wife": Me and my 07 General view Vagabond frame-sliders (The best I can found for FZ-07, product are not replacing any OEM bolts) Heaviest European disk-lock with alarm I can afford (together with lock carrier) IMHO, best looking fly-screen to move out air-rain from bottom of your torso (btw, I have Givi A2118 for sale, under my bed). Givi handguards (urban riding can finish too fast for you after hitting bush or car mirror with front brake lever) Just found convenient way to carry this ugly orange thing. When bike parked I am moving one end from lever to the brake bolt or through the disk-lock For overnight parking or for leaving bike at walmart's' parking lots I have second Artago disk-lock for rear disk. When both wheels are locked you can barely move motorcycle forward and backward to 1 inch. Sometimes, I have to carry some boxes, bags, backpacks. These red strings from home-depot are very handy if you have to carry something bigger than lunch and it is not fit or heavy for the sidebag. My tank "mascot", just joking, but who knows (I have two trackers installed, fake and real) The rear red square reflector replaced by LED-reflector and has been connected to the brake lights. It is bright, but my camera can't show this. Stand's "shoe" Under the seat, there is Fix-It sticks, a multitool, Ikea adjustable nut key, some plastic ties PS: I am learning english, so, please correct me or forgive :-)

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