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  1. duenan

    XSR 700

    This whole topic was following a strange meme-ish pattern.
  2. duenan

    Might be losing my mind...Z125/Grom

    If you have the money, why not?
  3. But I will concede my own observations are far, far from scientific due to the fact that a majority of people seem to buy LEDs merely for aesthetics and don't actually seem to focus and research brightness. So there is the huge possibility that I have encountered and witnessed bad/cheap/ineffectively bright LEDs at a rate of 100%. Oh well, in the end, it doesn't matter how bright your signals are when the person behind you who is checking their text slams into and kills you when you stop on a one lane road to turn left.
  4. I've followed behind many riders. Some LEDs are hard to see. Some are ok. Yamaha pumpkins were one of the brightest I've seen when lit. Current Kawasaki stock blinkers (clear with amber bulb) are one of the dimmest I've seen lit, comparable to average LEDs. I've never, ever, ever saw an LED and thought to myself "gee that is bright" when riding in sunlight. Of course, this is all based on safe following distance. I honestly don't know what the actual distance of my safe following distance is. But this is all my anecdotal observations. Actually what this topic has made me do is purchase some amber 7440 LED bulbs. I'll see how they are in sunlight compared to OEM. Using my own eyes of course. Also I would take the info of a light meter with a grain of salt. The human eye and the light meter read light differently. I mean, light meters are made for photo and video use of course... which is one of your arguments.
  5. It should first be noted... are you aware that the m4 slip-on (or any slip-on for this bike for that matter) requires more work to install than a full system? This bike has no traditional slip-on. You need to cut the OEM exhaust pipe yourself because it is one piece (minus the heat shield).
  6. duenan

    This is gold

    You know, my girl was supposed to buy a SR400 but when she found out it was kick start, she turned around and walked away. She's been eyeing a Triumph Bonneville now. Sheesh, she should've went with the SR400. Much cheaper.
  7. duenan

    This is gold

    Damn, I should lease/buy an entire warehouse just to store my one motorcycle. Wonder if that guy has multiple warehouses, one for each bike. Anyway, I guess I was born too late. Went over my head. I mean, sure I can assume they are making fun of an old kick start bike. But I have no clue if they are making fun of the model itself, or kick starts in general? But based on the title, they are specifically making fun of the model? And even still, like I said, born too late, have no idea about the model. So yeah, over my head.
  8. http://lightmodehelmets.com I sort of wrote them off when they first were introduced due to glueing it on your helmet, the use of AA (or AAA?) batteries in a large atrocious black box, and well, I think that is it. 3 years later, they now have 2 stick-on designs (along with the old glue your own designs) but more importantly, they have USB charging battery boxes now. Maybe its time to look into them again? Anyone here have one? Only thing though is I only ride at night at most 5 times a year so I don't know if 130 bucks is worth it.
  9. duenan

    I cant...stop.

    All I can say is don't ever get on a supersport (or any motorcycle with clipons) if that is the case. The irony is that the FZ07 as well as most naked bikes with proper handlebars have great low speed maneuvering as well as stop balancing. Anyway, to actually add to the post- time and experience will be the main thing that will give you balance. So don't worry about it.
  10. duenan

    Dainese quality. (or lack of)

    Whether you like it or not, gloves are consumables. 4 years is a damn good time to get out of gloves. You are constantly rubbing it and applying friction on its surface. And unless you are conditioning the leather regularly- which I highly doubt anyone does for their gloves, leather won't hold up well in weather. You seem to be confusing gloves with jackets. Jackets will last a long time assuming you don't crash. Gloves on the other hand- be prepared to buy a new one every few years based on how you wore out the Daineses. I'm sorry but a lot of people can't agree with your half-ass assessment that 4 years means lack of quality. Sort of like that one guy on here who said Revzilla has bad customer service. If it doesn't make sense to everyone else, then its either a fluke or you are wrong. Its time to live in reality on reality's terms.
  11. duenan

    How long before all electric?

    The true biggest hurdle for electric motorcycles is passion. Passion seems to be a fundamental motivator in motorcycling and e motors have about 2% passion.
  12. duenan

    How long before all electric?

    Its funny because when these boards first were up back in 2014 we were having this convo. It still hasn't reached a point where we are there. Not yet. Maybe another 10 years.
  13. Owning a motorcycle and being OCD is a very bad combo.
  14. duenan

    New color

    Neither of your bikes are sporting beige leather seats with that green?
  15. Do you pay 600 yearly? Did you look into regular motorcycle insurance that includes theft in the package before going that route?

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