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  1. awesome. can't wait to see the end result!
  2. . is it plug and play in terms of wiring connections?
  3. I've learned to ignore all the annoying noises this bike makes. I've had the ticking noise since day one, i have over 6k miles now and bike is still awesome
  4. Marble for header and background. Sky for content
  5. just went from Rider to Dairyland. i was paying almost $700 with Rider, now I'm paying $400 with way better coverage
  6. not safe. lost one of my crg mirrors cause the rubber came off while riding. I'm getting the woodcraft bar ends to mount mirrors
  7. pjohn

    engine temp

    this annoys me lol. i wonder why it started doing it
  8. whats up everyone, i notice my engine temp fluctuates when I'm riding/cruising. i believe this only started after my 6000mile oil change this past weekend. for example, it would read 174 then would jump to 180 and back to 174. i remember it used to be steady at a certain temp when I'm cruising and of course it would change when i slow down or come to a stop. any input guys? this is the oil i used link
  9. pjohn

    my ginger build

    nice bike man! how do you like those rear sets?
  10. I disconnected the o2 sensor yesterday and went for a ride. The bike didn't stall but it was just a quick ride cas it was about to rain so not really sure if it helped. I'll leave it disconnect for now
  11. thanks everyone for their input. i def need that ECU flash and it better fix this issue. i just came back from a long ride and the bike stalled twice, this is getting annoying. time to work OT ;-|
  12. Yea i do the same thing now but sometimes I forget and stall at the light lol embarrassing. I need to save money for that flash
  13. No it doesn't stall when in idle and yes it stalls when trying to go from a stop.
  14. whats up everyone ok so my bike stalls too often now since i installed my M4 slip on exhaust. usually happens in first gear when I'm at a stop and trying to get going. I know our bikes have this stalling issue and I've experienced it few times but now with the new exhaust its happening frequently. why is this happening? and will an ECU flash fix this problem? thanks all, pete
  15. @redstang4 ok cool. thanks for the reply!

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