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  1. Go with the advice of vendors A-C, they are not far from the facts, the real issue is the weak damping. .87 stock springs have been tested to be true. You either need imulators or drop in valves from cogent dynamics at a minimum Go to o sonic springs web site and use the spring calculator It's more reliable than racetech
  2. twotone

    YimmiYha Build thread

    We know. We're just arachnophobic is all. Guns? Meh! They're a way of life here. I understand, it is after all a part of the constitution I was just drawing a comparison, not having a dig.
  3. twotone

    YimmiYha Build thread

    You guys are overthinking it with OZ, You got higher chances of being shot over there than being a victim of nature here
  4. Check air pressure first, And look at tyre profile for a nice continuous curve Front spring are rated at .86~ as measured by TWF, So you could go lighter, ie .7-.75 And add a drop in valves. Rear shock is rebuildable. Contact norwest^ he has both ends sussed It will be a fix for little money.

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